Wont stop beliebing till my heart stops beating <3

16 year old Mia Chairman moves into a new house, and has no idea that she now lives next to international popstar, Justin Bieber (;


2. The realm of Justin Drew..

Pattie invites me over to catch up on my school work..with justin. I guess this will be ok.

We go inside and it smells like pure heaven, its almost like a dreeam.

"Lets go up to my room, we can do it there..ugh, our work, not the other." He laughs nevously, and beckons towards the stairs in the hallway as if to say 'ladies first.'

I blsuh, he is such a gentlemen.

He follows me up the stairs, and points to his room, the door is black, with a picture of him and some fans on the door, with a loveheart saying 'my beautiful beliebers.'

"Bit cute," I say and push the door open.

He grins and ducks his head,"they mean the apsolute world to me."

"even if we are a bit overbearing sometimes?"

"especially when you're overbearing. It shows me that you all care."

"Aww, your room is clean. I thought it would be really messy and stuff. Nice noona conver by the way. Its uh, very dark."

Justin laughs,"yeah mum chose it. Come and sit down, I'll take you through algebra, its pretty boring though."

"I'm not a complete idiot bieber. I can do maths, its science that I suck at and hate. By the way, is jerry as big as the fans say he is?"

"He's bigger."


"Wamt proof?"

"Uhm, no, I'm okay."

"You sure?"


"jezz sorry. For the record he's not, I mean no penis can be like ten football fields long."

I crack up laughing,"come on ,lets just go through algebra to fill in the time."




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