Wont stop beliebing till my heart stops beating <3

16 year old Mia Chairman moves into a new house, and has no idea that she now lives next to international popstar, Justin Bieber (;


1. Just when I thought life couldn't get any better....it did!

New house, new land, new school, new friends, new life.

We're here because my dad is a complete dickhead, and used to bash mum and us up, all the time. Literally. I'd sometimesd go te school with bruises all over me, and mum would wonder around looking like a piece of fruit, because he beat her black and blue.

My little brother James, is only two, but he suffered Dad's wraith too.

Anyway, I stand here, and pull my ipod out to take a picture of the new house.

Maybe I'll tweet it to my old friends back in Michagen.

Maybe not.

After all, mum wanted a clean break when we moved here, to stratford, in canada.

Our neighbours are quiet but the mum walks outside and saysb to my mum," Hi I'm your neighbour, my kids, Justin, Jaxon and Jassie will be out soon."

Justin, Jaxon and Jassie? Oh god.

"I'm pattie by the way, Pattie Mallette."
Im fairly certain my jaw dropped and there was drool on my chin because mum looked at me and said,"what on earth is the matter with you Mia?"

"Uh..nothing, its just kind of hot." Especially with justin Bieber and his family living next door. Karisma and Chelsea would shit themselves, and start fangiring. I'm temped.

Mum rools her eyes and turns back to Pattie (I CENT BELIEVE IT'S ACTUALLY HER!) and says,"dont mind mia, she has quite a crush on your son (i make a mental note to destroy her). I'm Chloe by the way, Chloe Dersvere."

BNow here's the thing, James and I still have dad's last name because it sounds better. I hope in my new school, which I'm guessing Justin goes too, people prefer Chairman over Dersvere. Ugh, m,aybe not. Canadians are kind weird people.

Justin walks out and goes straight to pattie,"jaz and Jax are asleep, they decided they'll wait to meet these people. I'm justin by the way, Justin bieber."

Mum winks at me,"chloe."

I take a deep breath,"I'm Mia."

"Nice name."

"Back at you."

"You'll be going to school here then?" he smiles.

"Yes." Omg, I'm acting so cool, hopefully he likes that.




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