Tables Turned

"They were right when they said love is the slowest
form of suicide..."


1. The Meeting.

I stared at my reflection in the mirror; my newly dyed red hair, stealing all the attention. It took a while to admit it, but I look good with it. Rihanna-red mixed with a bit brown, if I must say so myself. It was purple before - I was convinced that if I stole Perrie Edward’s hair colour, I would be able to catch a Zayn Malik look-a-like. Now that I look back at it, it was absolutely idiotic.

“Violet, are you ready yet?!” Evelyn almost screamed, walking into my room. She took a glare at my hair, but without giving it a comment. I could tell she was annoyed for some reason, but I didn't think twice about that.
“Almost. My hair is officially done, just let me get dressed and then we can leave.” 
She just nodded, swiftly walking out again. I sighed, Evelyn is my room-mate; we never really get along, but for some reason we always attend to party’s together. She’s not originally from England, as I, but she looks like a fucking goddess by nature and I envy the shit out of her, so who cares about the details? 

I took a look inside my closet, swiftly pulling out a cheeky black dress. I'm not the most confident girl in the world, I have my insecurities, but that dress looks fantastic on me. 
After I got my hair and make-up done, and even picked up some gorgeous high heels that matched my dress, I was ready. 

I walked out of my room and made my way to the front door. Evelyn was waiting for me, while looking gorgeous as ever. She had a simple, white summer dress on that fitted perfectly on her skinny figure. Ballerinas that match her dress and her black hair were hanging loosely, revealing her natural curls. Her skin was slightly brown, actually kind of milky-chocolate. Oh, and did I mention her eyes? Seducing, big brown, eyes. 
God how I hate her. And yes, I am saying this out of jealousy. 

“I just hope there’s someone fit tonight, I miss having a proper shag!” She suddenly said, throwing her bag on her left shoulder and walking out the door. I just laughed, following her. 
Now don’t get the wrong idea, neither of us is in any kind of relationship and it’s normal for people our age to sleep around once in a while. Not that we put any meaning to it; well, I certainly do not. The university-life just gets a little bit lonely sometimes, even for someone like me. 

“Where are we going?” I asked, because it was her turn to choose a club.
“You’ll see,” a smirk spread on her lips. 
“Just tell me the name of the club, for God’s sake!” Okay. I might have a bit of a temper-problem. But it’s not really that bad, I swear.
“It’s no club. One of my friends are holding a private party, I'm invited and I'm bringing you with me. Apparently, there will even be celebrities! I'm talking Ed Sheeran, Tom Daley, Jo-“
“Zayn Malik. Will Zayn Malik be there?” I interrupted her, which obviously got her annoyed, for the second time today. 
“You’re so obsessed with him, it’s starting to get pathetic. I don’t know if he’ll be there, but I heard Louis Tomlinson will. I'm not sure…”
“I'm not obsessed!” I snapped. She remained silent after that.


Shortly after we got inside the house, Evelyn disappeared. Not that I got surprised; a gorgeous brunette-haired boy already had his eyes on her. For a matter of fact, a lot of boys had their eyes on her. And we just barely made it into the house…
“Looks like I'm on my own tonight.” I whispered to myself while beginning to take a look around. 

My eyes immediately caught a tall frame, whose back was towards me. Big brown hair, that’s slightly curly at the end of it and nice broad shoulders. That’s all I could register from this angle, I had to come closer.

“Excuse me,” I politely said a multiple times, walking towards the tall male. Of course, I didn’t go straight towards him. I made sure to have a nice distance, being able to have a proper look. 
I ended up the mini-bar; like some sort of criminal, observing my next victim. 

We made eye contact. That’s when I knew who he was, the one and only Harry Styles himself. I could tell by the look he gave me, he wasn’t interested. I was not his type. 
A blonde suddenly pushed him away and then gave me a glare. Obviously, she just won him over and she was definitely not willing to give him away that easily.
“Good.” I whispered to myself. “I like a challenge.” I ordered a drink, making myself look casual while finding my way towards him.

Now, you probably already placed me under the ‘slut’ category, but without sounding too cocky; I’m actually not that easy and I haven’t even slept with that many guys. It’s something else with Evelyn though, she’s a proper slut and she loves it. But she only sleeps with models and such.

The second the blonde disappeared to go and check on her make-up, I made my move. 
“Isn’t it Harry Styles himself?” I said with an amused tone. “I’m Violet. It’s nice to meet you. Big fan.” 

He turned towards me, slightly laughing. The thing with me is; I look innocent as hell. And once again, I do not want to sound cocky, but that’s mainly my charming point. 
I never thought of myself, as ‘gorgeous’ or ‘sexy’, just a year ago I thought I was ugly. But a couple of months ago, something snapped. ‘Life’s too short to spend it with insecurities,’ that’s what I told myself. I still tell myself that. And that’s what keeps me going.

“Like the colour? Well, it’s a pleasure to meet you.” He showed me his dimples. I nodded.
“Like the colour. Quite ironic, since my hair is now red.”
He slightly laughed, again. His eyes looked around for the blonde. This might be harder than I thought… Would alcohol work?

“Are you waiting for someone? Let me get you a drink then. Something to keep your mind off things, until that person gets back.” I grabbed his hand with a smile and started to walk back to the mini-bar.
“Oh, I don’t know. I-“ 
Too late, we’re already there. As I bought him a drink, I began asking questions about him and trying to start a casual conversation. We actually got along really well. I started to add more flirting into our conversation, the same did he.

I take my words back, this is easy. And he hasn't even had a full drink yet.

We talked for about twenty minutes, until my eyes caught the blonde, she was back. I knew he also saw her, before he even said anything.
“I got to go now, but do you mind giving me your number?” Dimples were showing. 

I silently cursed, the blonde obviously won the battle of ‘Who’s getting Harry Styles for the Night?’ - fight.
And I do not care about what I previously said, about me not being a slut. It’s Harry Styles, for God’s sake. Even a sixteen year old would willingly be a slut for the night, if they had a chance to be with him. I still prefer Zayn Malik though… 

“Of course not, do you have your phone on you?”
He nodded before handing me his phone; I entered my number and then gave it back to him.



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