Tables Turned

"They were right when they said love is the slowest
form of suicide..."


2. How it started...

Five days later…


I closed my eyes, trying to shut everything out – but never has it been this hard; Evelyn and a stranger she met at a pub were right across the room, moaning like the end of the World was tomorrow. God…  This was literally the most uncomfortable situation in the world, I hate life. I hate it. I hate it. I hate it. I ha-

“For fucks sake, Violet! Turn of your fucking phone!”

I lifted my head from my pillow, quickly grabbing my phone and practically running out of the room. It’s a shame Evelyn’s looks doesn’t match her personality, sometimes it completely ruins her beauty…

“Hello?” I whispered after pressing the ‘answer’ bottom and walking towards the kitchen.

“Hiiii, it’s Harry… Styles. Why are you whispering?” The raspy voice responded. A small giggle escaped from my lips.

“Sorry about that. It’s a long story,” not really, but it’s better to spare him the details. I opened the door to the fridge, sat down on the floor and literally just stared into the fridge, without moving. I was waiting for something delicious to magically appear – all set and ready for me to eat.

“I just wondered if you were busy at the moment?” The voice from the other line asked. I hesitated with answering that question, since Evelyn and her “friend” still were… enjoying themselves.

“Well… Kind of, I guess. May I ask why?”
He slightly laughed.

“I’m bored and need company. Come over if you can, yeah? We could watch a movie.”
What an idiot. Obviously he just want to get laid and he cannot call that blonde from the other night, because she’ll think something serious could actually happen between them and he clearly is happy with just banging around – no commitments. And besides, I’m no-one’s second choice. But then again, he is Harry Styles…

“Nope, sorry. Not tonight. But if you want to, we hang out on Saturday?” I sounded more distracted than excited; my eyes still searched for food…

“Umm… Sure. Where do you want to meet?” Not going to lie, he sounded a bit disappointed. Well of course, he expected shagging! Now he got to search through his phonebook for someone else who might willingly come over, this time at night…

“Outside the music store would be nice. Do you mind, if we meet around 2 o’clock?”

“No, that fits perfectly. See you on Saturday then!”

I said goodbye and then hanged-up. The flat suddenly got extremely quiet – I gave a small prayer, wishing that Evelyn and that boy were done and he was going to leave soon.




I closed the door and searched through my pocket for the keys. I don’t own any bags, since I find them annoying and the cute ones are always way too big.

“There.” I whispered to myself, lifting the key up as if it was Simba and I was Rafiki, the monkey. Someone behind me suddenly began to laugh; obviously they have been observing me.

“I’ve already started to like you.”

I locked the door first, before turning around towards the raspy voice.

“How did you find me?” One of my eyebrows automatically raised, Harry took a few steps closer to me. He was smiling, showing those dimples.

“That’s me to know and you’ll not to find out.”

He pulled me into a quick hug and kissed my cheek. Gentleman by heart, I see. Even if he wasn’t famous, he would clearly still be able to pull.

“You’re actually creeping me out right now.” I laughed a bit at the end so I didn’t seem rude. His smile faded a bit, which was a shame because I quite like his smile. “Anyways, do you want to go to the park? Sit down, get to know each other and all.”

He nodded and we began to walk towards his car. He opened the passenger seat for me and helped me in. I mumbled a thank you, before he swiftly walked to the opposite site and jumped in.


A lot of people were at the park, especially adults with children. We decided to sit on a small bench and talk, just talk. We actually had great chemistry and ended up discussing some serious topics, but I could tell that we weren’t going to have a night under the sheets anytime soon. Sadly, we already passed that fase by now. And I’m not just saying ‘sadly’, because he is who he is. I’m saying that because I actually found him ridiculously attractive. I’ve basically undressed him with my eyes, at least a hundred times by now.


“Let’s play twenty questions.” He said out of nowhere with a cheerful voice. No, seriously, it was out of nowhere; we just had a deep and meaningful talk about life and our different paths.  

“Umm... Sure. I’ll start... Umm, Chinese or Italian food?” I said while looking down my shoes.

“Mexican. What’s your favourite colour?”

I raised my eyebrow, for the second time today, and slightly laughed.

“Not blue. Weirdest tattoo?” I only asked, because he was wearing a t-shirt and revealing a lot of tattoos. Not that I have anything against it; it was another thing I found ridiculously attractive about him.


We kept this game going on, until we got bored and decided to go over and have fun at the children’s playground. Lots of people were giving us glares and shaking their heads, but we didn’t even notice. We were like two old friends, just having a good time.


And a couple of months later, he actually became one of my best friends – even though we haven’t known each other for that long. We just clicked and literally hanged out, the second any of us had time.

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