Tables Turned

"They were right when they said love is the slowest
form of suicide..."


3. Feelings.

Drops of sweat were forming on my forehead, as if I was standing over a fire. My hands and legs were shaking even my breath was trembling, making it impossible for me to escape. I wanted him with me. He was the only one who could save me. He loved me, he told me he loved me. 
I quickly got dragged away from my thoughts when someone tried to break the door, never in my entire life have I been this scared.

"Violet, wake up. Wake up," a voice whispered, while softly stroking my cheek. Before I even opened my eyes, I already knew that it wasn't Evelyn, then I would get a much harsher wake up.

"Mmmh..." Like a cat, I rubbed my cheek against his hand to show I liked his kind gesture. I heard a small laugh from him, but he didn't pull away. Instead, he decided to lie on top of me and continue to stroke my cheek, like that.
To my surprise, he wasn't even that heavy. But that actually shouldn't come as a surprise, considered Harry is skinny as fuck. 

"You have to get up, love. It's neither Saturday nor Sunday, so you can't sleep your entire day away," his raspy voice whispered, a little louder this time, and kissed my cheek. It made me smile.

"What are your plans for the day?" I mumbled. He could barely hear it, but I knew he understood it.
"Rehearsal with the boys, quick date and then home again."
My smile slowly disappeared. With 'quick date', he actually mean that he found a bird at the club that he didn't get to bring home, he therefor asked her out and hopes for a one-night-stand at the end of the day. And to think he once tried a move like that on me...

"Then what are you doing in my house? Go, you got a busy day." I said, while opening my eyes for the first time today.
"You're actually in my house. You fell asleep yesterday, watching that movie with me. Remember?" He laughed again, same kind of laughter as before. I just nodded and pushed him away from me.

I have to admit, I was disappointed and jealous. I wanted to spend the entire day with him, but no, he's busy and I got my University. 
And I wanted to be on a date with him, not just for the shag later on, but because I was actually starting to have some sort of feelings for him...

I got up and went straight to the bathroom, I even locked the door. Over the past month, I've started to like Harry as more than a friend. It's ridiculous how fast I'm falling for him. He's just so.... Perfect. There's not a thing I would change about him. And you have no idea, how many times I wanted to kiss him. To feel his lips against mine...


"Byeeeeeeee!" I laughed, closing the door behind her. For a moment, I just stood there and smiled over the fact that I once tried to pull Violet, now she's one of my best friends. 

The sound of my phone ringing brought me back to reality.  I actually ran into my room, hoping the person wouldn't hang up.
"Harry! Hey. Could you please come over? It will only take a minute, I swear. After we can go to the rehearsal together."
I couldn't help but smile at the sound of this familiar voice. Just by voice alone,  gave me chills and even butterflies in my stomach. As always, a huge smile appeared on my face. My heart was going fast. 
"Louis. Of course. I'll be there in ten."

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