Do you even love me?

An 11 year old girl named Kayla is forced to face the fact that her mother is unfit to care for her and her brother. She is now to move in with her father she rarely sees. When they do they attempt to get her brother, but have some trouble proving it since he's younger and can't choose who to live with. Do they get him to a safe environment or does he have to stay with his mother? Read 2 find out.


3. Who needs a boyfriend?

We'll all of my friends are really excited about getting me a boyfriend. I've been asked out a few times before but where we go is usually really cheap and it ends up a total disaster! Plus I don't have time for a boyfriend. I've got to take care of myself AND my little brother.  I don't see why anyone would like me anyway. I mean I'm attractive but I act kinda stupid. I have good grades, A's and B's actually, but still. I no NOTHING about boys. They call us confusing? Ha! We may be confusing but at least we don't get into fights with girls 2 times are size! Well some might, but I'm sure as heck not. So they've been asking around to see if anyone likes me. Nothing. Absolutely no one (who will confess) likes me. But that doesn't bother me a bit. Then I saw him. He was my crush since third grade... And was staring right at me! "Omg!" Said Emma, "what?" said Tracy. "Look at that hottie staring at Kayla!" Of coarse they all look over in his direction and he looks away. "Oh Kayla, you've got an admirer!" "Please" I say "he borrowed some notes from him in 4th period. He probably wants to ask for them back." The most unimaginable thing happened as soon as the words left my mouth. I turned around to see him right behind me. He says, "hi. I'm Charlie. Kayla right?" uh ya that would be me! Im kayla! The one and only!" i said feeling stupid immediately afterwards . He smiled. "I um I've seen you around and was wondering if you would like to uh you know, hang out sometime." I could tell that he could see the shock in my eyes. His smile only grew bigger. "Sure I would love to!" I said sounding more excited than I meant to. "Oh cool. Well I'm free all this week. Here's my phone number so just call anytime you want" he said. I probably looked like an idiot because I was smiling so big. I took the card he gave me with his cell phone number, email address, and what I'm guessing is his parents company. He smiled then told us bye and quickly walk away. As soon as he was out of sight I started to scream at the top of my lungs. All my friends were screaming and hugging me. They were just as excited as I was! I then caught Scarlet giving me a nasty stare. Like the kind I give people when they make fun of other people but ten times more threatening. Tracy saw it to then said quietly," charley and Scarlet were boyfriend and girlfriend since 4th grade. They broke up a month ago but Scarlet isn't over him." Her face turned red in anger. "Now I see why her name is Scarlet." I said a lot louder than I intended. The hall was filled with laughter and Scarlets face turned even more red. This time probably from anger and embarrassment. I knew she was going to ruin my social life now.

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