Do you even love me?

An 11 year old girl named Kayla is forced to face the fact that her mother is unfit to care for her and her brother. She is now to move in with her father she rarely sees. When they do they attempt to get her brother, but have some trouble proving it since he's younger and can't choose who to live with. Do they get him to a safe environment or does he have to stay with his mother? Read 2 find out.


7. the worst date ever

  when they were gone and everything had calmed down I decided to call Charlie. it ringed a couple times then a mans voice answered. I recognized it as Charlie's dad. "hello. may I speak with Charlie?" I asked. "yes but may I ask who's calling?" "Kayla Thompson" I reply. I hear footsteps. "Charlie! a girl named Kayla Thompson is on the phone for you!" he yelled. I heard running. "hello?" came a panting voice. "hey" I said "um do you want to go out tomorrow night?" he asked. "uh um yea sure! that sounds great!" I said louder and more excited than intended. he chuckled "ok great. well I have to go so... ill pick you up at 8." he said. "oh ok bye" "bye" when he hung up I screamed. my mom came running into my room panicked and I gave her a huge hug. I told her but she didn't seem to care. she went back into her room and slammed the door.

   he pulled up in a limo. (yes a limo!) at 8, as promised, and looked very dressed up. I saw him outside my window and what he was in. I freaked out and changed into something more dressy. I didn't have much to work with so I just threw together a white shirt and a skort. I got out there and he gave my clothes a nasty look. I ignored the look and continued to get in. "are you really wearing that?" I'm sure my face was red because there were actually other people in the limo that looked at my face and laughed. he said, "just never mind. get in would you?" I got in. everyone was staring at me. when we got there the boys ordered for the girls. Charlie ordered me a pasta. when they brought it to me Charlie actually tripped the waiter and made his spill it all over me. I grabbed Charlie by his collar and drug him outside and asked him, "what the heck is your problem?!? you ask me out on a date then make a mean comment about my clothes then trip the waiter so he'd spill pasta on me?!?" he smiled and said, "its called payback. you made Scarlett look like a fool so I did the same but worse to you. you're just to gullible. did you actually believe that someone like me would ever like someone like you?" a tear rolls down my face and I ask what he means by that. he said, "I'm good looking, you're ugly. I'm rich, you're poor. I could go on you know" I shake my head and wipe away my tears. "you're right. you could. I may not be as pretty as everyone else, but I am as pretty as I need to be." I start talking louder and people start to stare "you are a heartless jerk who doesn't deserve me or anyone that has any sympathy at all! that's why you and Scarlett are perfect for each other!" I run out crying.

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