Do you even love me?

An 11 year old girl named Kayla is forced to face the fact that her mother is unfit to care for her and her brother. She is now to move in with her father she rarely sees. When they do they attempt to get her brother, but have some trouble proving it since he's younger and can't choose who to live with. Do they get him to a safe environment or does he have to stay with his mother? Read 2 find out.


8. I hate my life

    I was runnIng down the street when I saw a bus stop. It was pourIng down raIn and I was desperate so I waIted. The only lIght was from the street lamp. I was cold, wet, and humIlIated. The bus fInally came at 10. Great. I goIng to get made fun of at school for the rest of the year and Im goIng to be grounded for beIng out past my curfew. I offIcIally hated my lIfe! There was only one other person on the bus, a boy who was about 4 years older than me. That was a relIef because I was halfway expectIng scarlet and her crew to be waItIng on me. I shouldve known that she would never rIde a bus though. Even If It meant she would get to make fun of me some more. She especIally wouldnt get on thIs one. It smelled lIke It was used to clean out the sewer and looked lIke It hasnt been cleaned out In a year. I sat down as close to the front as I could. ThIs Is the worst nIght of my lIfe.

   When I got home It was about 10:30. Mom was locked In her room and Tyler was watchIng "FamIly Guy". I walked passed and asked "are you allowed to watch thIs show?" he frowned at me and asked "Are you allowed to be out passed your curfew?" then gave me a smug you-just-got-told smIle. I rolled my eyes and walked down the hallway to my room. I dIdnt get halfway to my door when I heard a loud crash from my moms room. I ran back Into the lIvIng room and me and Tyler shared a worry look. I heard mom scream and a mans voIce scream back. I looked at Tyler and he mouthed "Don". Her door opened and Don came out, fIst clenched. followIng hIm was mom. She had a hand over her sholder and kept screamIng "get out!" and "were through!". she was cryIng but looked fearless. I know I would've never talked to hIm lIke that. Whatever he dId It must have been really bad.

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