Do you even love me?

An 11 year old girl named Kayla is forced to face the fact that her mother is unfit to care for her and her brother. She is now to move in with her father she rarely sees. When they do they attempt to get her brother, but have some trouble proving it since he's younger and can't choose who to live with. Do they get him to a safe environment or does he have to stay with his mother? Read 2 find out.


10. I am done

 After everything was settled down and Tyler was at the hospital, Don left and me and my mom went to visit Tyler. when we get there we are surrounded by news people. the doctors ask mom a million questions about If she'd ever been accused of child abuse and she started crying and they eventually left us alone, which was a relief. we were In there for a while and finally my mom said that someone wanted to talk to me. I was In the same room as my brother and when I opened the door and i see a man that i have only seen a few times before in my life, my father. as soon as i see him i hug him. he asks me if i wanted to go home with him. i look at tyler lieng in his room unconscious. then i saw don and his kids walk through the door, each with flowers in their hands. i felt the sudden urge to run up to him and kick him in the knee, but i resisted and instead slowly nodded my head. im done with him. im done his stupid kids. im done with all the crap caused by my mom. oh my god, shes the cause of all this. she was the one who allowed me to go on that stupid date. she never taught me how to judge weather a guy is a jerk or not. Ugh! i have to get my dad to fight a custody battle for me.... but what about Tyler? Does he love him? Does he even love me?

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