Road Trip

Hey im Nia and this is Autumn and Alexis you could say were just a couple of teens looking for a little adventure and good thing is that its summer and nothings stopping us , did we mention that were all directioners and we wish that we could meet them but like that would ever happen but if we did would there be romance? jealousy? heart break? but who knows


2. Where are they?

*Next Day* WAKEE UPP!!!! SLEEPY HEADS Auti screamed at us Noo you didn't get woken up at 3 just to say good bye to mom and then have to find someone eating all of your food out of the kitchen while sleep walking now did you I screamed back at her Wow you have very realistic dreams don't you she said now lowering her voice  No it wasn't a dream trust me i was there too Alexis said just waking up Woah now you guys are having the same dreams that's soo cool dude we should go see one of those genie people and see if it means anything don't ya think No because i already know what it means You do? Auti and Alexis both said Yeah it means that Autumn Miller is retarded and needs to stop sleep eating, Strange does this dream happen often you two Auti said Like I said it wasn't a dream and yes it does like every time you stay the night Alexis said

 COMEEE ONN we have to go watch Ellen one direction's the special guest today ehh I said overly excited while running down the stairs and plopping down on the couch and turned the tv on "Guys its starting" I yelled up to them and soon enough it was like a stamped off Elephants coming down the stairs and I was soon joined by two retards whose hair was half done and make up half done "geez guys don't like the other half or something" I said trying not to burst into laughter and as soon as they were going to say something "Hello everyone and welcome to the Ellen show how is everyone doing today" Ellen said from the tv "GOOOD"  all three of us yelled " As you all may know we have some special guest in the house today" Ellen said "WOOO" I cheered "okay okay now who wants to see them " Ellen said "Wee doo" we all cheered "Well here they are its............ONE DIRECTION!!!!!!

 "yaaa woo we love you guys" we cheered along with the crowd as we waited for the boys to come out but they never did "And here's ONE DIRECTION!!!" Ellen said again " but they still didn't come out whats the deal man "ONE DIRECTION" Ellen said again this time looking slightly confused and soon a security guard came on and was talking to Ellen and then she turned to us with tears forming in her eyes and then she spoke "Guys we have some bad news" She said clearly stalling "TELL USS" everyone yelled at her "Sadly One Direction has  gone missing" she said now in full out crying on stage and soon enough everyone was in tears including us

"W-W-Where could they bee i mean there superstars how can they go missing" Auti said through her tears " I-I-I don't k-k-know " I said "Do you think they'll ever find my Zaynie and the others too of course" Alexis said and i was going to say something but we were interrupted by the doorbell ringing


*Author's Note: Who's at the door mauh hahahaha no im kidding but do you want to know? well your going to have to read on*

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