Road Trip

Hey im Nia and this is Autumn and Alexis you could say were just a couple of teens looking for a little adventure and good thing is that its summer and nothings stopping us , did we mention that were all directioners and we wish that we could meet them but like that would ever happen but if we did would there be romance? jealousy? heart break? but who knows


1. Good Night Sleep

"Girls were leaving" mum yelled awakening me out of my sleep "ughh mom its like 3 in the morning we would like to sleep you know" I yelled "well I thought you'd like to say good bye to your parents before we left for the "Whole" summer" She said putting emphasis on the whole part "yeah bye mom bye dad see you when ever" "Stop yelling like seriously im trying to sleep" Alexis yelled "say bye to mom and she will geez don't yell at me" I said now talking to Alexis "Bye mom see you and dad soon now let me sleep Nia okay wake me up at noon or something I don't care " she said slowly falling back to sleep yeah yeah what ever well night... Wait where's Autumn she's not in here" I said frantically but no answer "Alexis......Alexis help me find her get your lazy bum up right n-" I was cut off by a loud bang coming from downstairs soon Alexis popped up and said "What was that" "I don't know but were going to find out now lets go" I said and we walked down the stairs and slowly made our way towards the place where we heard the noise come from and soon we rounded the corner into the kitchen and seen a sleep walking Autumn making a mess in the kitchen ugh "Not again Autumn snap out of it your going to get fat if you continue to sleep walk" me and Alexis both said "C'mon you get her legs ill get her arms" Alexis said and I did as she said and soon we finally got her up the stairs and into the room finally I can get some sleep thank goodness "Okay good night again Alexis see you in the morning" "Good night Nia see you in the morning as well"  

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