Im sorry Charlie (A Charlieissocoollike Fanfic)

Bethan was a normal 16 year old girl until a single tweet changed her life.

when she was 12 she bullied a nerdy boy called Charlie, she did it because she loved him and he didnt love her back... well thats what she thought she wanted to say sorry but then he moved to London.


2. Youtube

Today i found out that Charlie has a Youtube channel called Charlieissocoollike when i got home i decided to look it up, he had one video and one subscriber, i decided to subscribe i wanted to see all his videos i watched his first video eight times over before commenting, Good video, your really funny and really fit. 

Before bed i checked Charlies channel one last time i watched his video again and checked the comments, Charlie had replied  Thanks Boobear97 its my first video thanks for the feedback. x  

he put a kiss i mean he actually put a kiss, i fell asleep happy that night i believe i made Charlie smile. 

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