Im sorry Charlie (A Charlieissocoollike Fanfic)

Bethan was a normal 16 year old girl until a single tweet changed her life.

when she was 12 she bullied a nerdy boy called Charlie, she did it because she loved him and he didnt love her back... well thats what she thought she wanted to say sorry but then he moved to London.


3. He's gone..

It was the first day back after the 6 week holidays Charlie only uploaded once a month so he only has two videos and he has only got 10 subscribers, i returned to school hoping to see Charlie but he was no where to be seen, i went up to one of the boys who was friends with him. 'Where's Charlie?' i asked 'Didn't you hear, he's moved to London' what i thought he's moved to London, im never going to see him ever again. That night i swore to him i'd never bully again, i promised i'd keep watching his videos and tweet him everyday. 

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