Im sorry Charlie (A Charlieissocoollike Fanfic)

Bethan was a normal 16 year old girl until a single tweet changed her life.

when she was 12 she bullied a nerdy boy called Charlie, she did it because she loved him and he didnt love her back... well thats what she thought she wanted to say sorry but then he moved to London.


12. Anniversary

Today was mine and Charlie's anniversary and my plans were going underway. Alex had  given me the spare key to his and Charlie's apartment so I could get in, I made sure i was up early so i could get there before he was up i made him a full cooked breakfast and wrote him a note saying 

Hey babe happy anniversary I hope you enjoy your breakfast 

love you 

Bethan xox 

I heard Charlie and Alex talking and heading for the kitchen so i quickly left his apartment and headed home.

Charlie's POV 

I got woken up by Alex this morning the smell of bacon was drifting around the apartment I thought

YES Alex has cooked me brecky 

so I jumped out of bed and rushed to the kitchen, on the kitchen surfaces was a plate with 3 slices of bacon 2 eggs beans grilled tomatoes and cooked mushrooms it looked and smelled absolutely amazing, just as i picked up the plate i noticed a pink envelope with my name on it, i opened it and inside was a note i read it, awh Bethan has cooked me this she is the best girlfriend ever. 

i hope she likes the surprise i have planned for her.

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