Im sorry Charlie (A Charlieissocoollike Fanfic)

Bethan was a normal 16 year old girl until a single tweet changed her life.

when she was 12 she bullied a nerdy boy called Charlie, she did it because she loved him and he didnt love her back... well thats what she thought she wanted to say sorry but then he moved to London.


14. Alex

When me and Charlie arrived back at the apartment i wanted to tell Hannah the news but it was late so I thought she would be asleep i told Charlie we had to be quiet when we opened the door so we didn't  wake her. 

Charlie opened the door and I quietly walked in to the living room as i turned the corner I saw Hannah and Alex and they were kissing. 

I quietly turned back around and said to Charlie 

"Actually can we go back to yours, don't want to disturb the lovebirds,"

"um yeah sure, yeah lets go" he said 

so we called a can as we waited outside my apartment listening to Alex and Hannah laugh and we just had to be quiet.

It felt so much different walking into Charlie's apartment instead of my own, I didn't have any pajamas so Charlie gave me his sweatpants and his Doctor Who top. It felt amazing and warm and they smelt like Charlie, I felt rude making Charlie sleep on the sofa, after all it is his apartment. 

"Charlie you don't have to sleep out there, come sleep in the bed" i said 

"are you sure" he responded 

"well you are going to be my husband so you might as well"

"OK" Charlie said. 

As he slowly walked into his room, he was so perfect he was wearing his doctor who boxers and no top he was even more perfect than i thought possible 

"I LOVE YOU" i said before finally falling asleep.

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