Where's Mummy?

Harry Styles has just gotten his new beautiful baby daughter, Darcy. Too bad his wife Diana died giving birth to Darcy. Now as Harry is raising his daughter all by himself he's focused on keeping the past in the past, but as he tries to forget as much about Diana as possible he starts seeing her, but the real problem is what is Harry going to say when Darcy will ask "Where's mummy?"


4. Time for Dinner Pt. 2


   Darcy woke up from her little nap.

   "Wanna go see uncle Louis and aunt Eleanor?" I asked. Darcy nodded eagerly. "Well let's give you a bath and get you dressed then we'll get going." I said picking her up.

   "Okay, daddy," she said. We walked to the bathroom and I gave her a bath, I washed her brown curly hair that she gets from me (could you have guessed?). After that, I brought her to her room and put on a blue dress on Darcy with small blue dress shoes. I put her hair up in pig tails and looked at how cute my three year old daughter.

  Next was my turn. I left darcy playing in her room for a few minutes so I could take my shower. Then I put on white pants, a white shirt, and a blue blazer.

   "C'mon, Darcy, lets go," I said taking her hand. I walked her out to the car and put her in her car seat. Minutes later, we arrived.

   "Louis! Harry and Darcy are here!" Eleanor yelled from the door. "Good to see you both again," she said giving me a kiss on the cheek and picking up Darcy.

  "Hey, mate, hey, Darcy, how've you been?" Louis asked patting Darcy's head and shaking my head.

  "Great, Uncle BooBear!" Darcy squeaked.

   "That's my girl!" Louis said taking Darcy from Eleanor.

    "Child hogger," Eleanor joked.

    "We'll have our own children one day so, you'll have more time," Louis said kissing the tip of Eleanor's nose.  I looked down at my feet, ever since Diana, I couldn't look at any happy couples.

   "Well come inside, Harry, people are waiting to see you," Eleanor said pulling me inside. As I entered the house I saw everyone Danielle, Jesy, Jade, Leigh-Anne, Perrie, Josh, Liam, Zayn, Niall, and.....Janie. I almost threw up right on the spot. Janie Jensen. The model, I couldn't stand her, I've known her since high school and she used to make Diana's life hell.

   "Louis?" I whispered.

  "I know, she heard we were having this get together and she showed up. Eleanor doesn't like being rude and she decided to give her a chance, even though she doesn't want to," he said.  

  "Harry!" Janie screamed. She ran up and hugged me. "It's been forever, how are you?" She asked putting her hands on her unrealistically skinny waist. I really just wanted to give her my coat, but not as a romantic gesture but because, I have a daughter who does not need to be exposed to so much skin. Janie's skirt reached up just before her butt showed and she was wearing a strapless top, I don't know who she was trying to impress but, it wasn't working.

   "I've been great, and yes it had been a while since I last saw you and I would have preferred to keep it that way," I said rubbing the back of my neck.

  "You joker," Janie laughed. I rolled my eyes as she continued to make pointless jokes about seeing me again. "So how is Diana?"

  "She's dead," I bit my lip.

   "I think I'm going to take Darcy into the kitchen," Perrie said picking up Darcy.

    "That would be a great idea, I have a snack for her," Eleanor said getting up and following Perrie.

  "And I think I'll go help you," Danielle said, with mild tears in her eyes. Those three ladies were very close to Diana and having Diana's arch nemisis mention her, it was hard.

   "Why leave our three friends, in the kitchen, Jade, Leigh-Anne, lets join them," Jesy said.

     "I'm staying," Jade announced. "We can't avoid just hearing her name once in a while," she whispered towards Jesy. Jesy nodded then her and Leigh-Anne got up and walked into the kitchen. As you can tell, these girls were close to Diana aswell.

   "It seems I've pinched a nerve," Janie said taking a sip of chmpagne Eleanor must have offered her.

   "Well you've stepped into a chapter of a book you're not supposed to read," I said.

     "You know I forgot Diana died, she was what? Giving birth to a child that had no meaning?" she laughed like it was supposed to be funny.

   "Don't speak about my daughter like that," I said through clenched teeth.

     "There goes another nerve," she said taking a sip out of her glass. "You know, Diana never really mattered at all, she was just there and I think you went to her because I rejected you," Janie pouted her lips.

  "Bitch," I heard a voice say. Diana was here, I could tell.

   "Bitch, indeed," Jade whispered. Wait...What? Did she-hear-Diana? No couldn't have been.

     "Excuse me, Ms. I auditioned for X-Factor three times and got kicked out twice," Janie said turning her attention right on Jade.

  "She said you were a bitch," Diana said.

   "I said you were a bitch," Jade said getting up off the couch.

   "You should put some tape on your mouth, Harry hasn't said anything against me, so shut up," Janie said looking back at me.

  "He doesn't have to say anything, but I do. You didn't know Diana, you don't know how much everyone in this house, besides you, loved her, so you should leave before I say something I'll regret," Jade said. I saw Diana standing right next to me grinning.

   "Go, Jade," she said. Jade looked in my direction and slightly tilted her eyes left. She could see Diana, I knew she could.

   "No, this isn't your house," Janie said.

   "You're right, it isn't Jade's house, but it's mine, so Janice, leave before I call the police," Louis said. Even though Janice wasn't her name, she hesitantly grabbed her purse and walked out the door.

    "Jade, can I please speak with you in private?" I asked.

   "I'm guessing I have to go, as well," Diana said. I slightly nodded, not enough for people to notice but enough for Diana to see.

  "Alright, lets go up to the bathroom," Jade said already walking upstairs, I followed. When we reached the bathroom we walked in and I locked the door after shutting it.

   "Can you see her, too?" I asked.

   "You don't have to talk in third person, you can both see me eqaully," Diana said.

      "I thought you said I was the only one who could see you," Jade and I said in sync.

   "I thought that only one of you could see me at a time and I thought that since I told you not to tell anyone, it wouldn't start a riot," Diana said.

   "How long has she been visible to you, Jade?" I asked retorting my head to face Jade.

   "Since Friday," she said. "You?"

  "Same here," I replied.

  "Okay, now we need to chat," Diana said. "It's serious," she said. I turned to Jade and she faced back at me.


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