Where's Mummy?

Harry Styles has just gotten his new beautiful baby daughter, Darcy. Too bad his wife Diana died giving birth to Darcy. Now as Harry is raising his daughter all by himself he's focused on keeping the past in the past, but as he tries to forget as much about Diana as possible he starts seeing her, but the real problem is what is Harry going to say when Darcy will ask "Where's mummy?"


5. Some Things Good and Bad


  "What is it?" I asked. What could've been so serious? Diana looked at her shoes.

   "Tell me it isn't something supernatural," Jade sighed.

  "Does Janie count?" Diana asked.

  "Maybe," I snorted.

   "Okay well, her father, yeah he's rich because he's famous for studies he does to prove others who aren't alive walk among us," she started. "And he does this because... he has the ability to see-us, and well, when you have that ability sometimes we don't pick for them to see us.. and Janie might have inherited that ability,"

   "So it is supernatural," Jade snorted.

  "Diana, we're singers," I reminded.

   "I'm not finished," she sung. "The thing is, she won't see it as an ability, she'll see it as a curse, and well, if she see's me, she'll surly tell Darcy, so I'm asking you to keep her away from Darcy, I don't need my daughter growing up a mental assylum, it's simple," she smiled. "And Harry, that is why I let you see me,I need you to protect our daughter,"

  "And how did you choose me?" Jade asked.

   "You were my closest friend and you're Darcy's godmother," Diana simply said.

    "Harry! Jade! Are ou two hooking up? The foods getting cold but then again, if you are, you'll already be full!" Louis yelled up.

  "Don't you know there is a three year old in the house!?" Jade yelled.

   "Jade, go over to Harry's house after you two leave and we'll chat more there," Diana said. Next thing, it was time to get through dinner. Jade and I walked down the stairs to see everyone smirking at us.

   "How was your time up in the bathroom?" Eleano asked winking.

  "Please, she has a boyfriend," I said.

  "Not anymore, she left him this afternoon," Jesy said.

  "Which would give you the chance to hook up," Louis trailed off. I could feel my face turn red and I saw Jade's had, too.

   "Just say you two are a thing, you'll be spending a lot of time together," Diana said from the background, you two are going to have to pretend to be together,"

  I sighed knowing she was probably right then walked down next to Jade and calmly put my arm around her.

  "We weren't hooking up," Jade started as she looked up at me smiling like a girl in love.

  "We just spoke and took our friendship to the next level," I said smiling back down at her the a boy in love.

  "Awwwww," Leigh-Anne cooed. "A happy couple!" she jumped up a little bit.

   **Skips dinner, I am a lazy person and it's not professional or healthy...***

     After dinner I told everyone I was driving Jade home but I told Darcy she was coming home with us.

  "Are you two going to hook up? Like Uncle Louis said? What does that even mean?" she asked. I couldn't help but burst out laughing.

  "No and you'll know when you're older," I said still laughing a bit. Eventually we arrived at the house and darcy went directly to sleep, I mean, it was 12:00am, she normally goes to sleep at around 9:00pm. After darcy went to sleep Jade and I started chatting.

   "So do you two accept the challenge I've given you?" Diana's voice asked.

   "Obviously, it's my daughter," I said.

  "Obviously, it's my god daughter," Jade mimicked causing me to laugh again. I did drink a bit... I still drove... And I did this because I wanted the news to sink in better.

   "Perfect. Now you two must pose as a couple because everyone will suspect something between you two as you spend more time together, including Darcy," she went on.

  "And I can't argue because arguements are invalid with you," Jade laughed herself.. So she also had a few drinks.

  "Great. I'll chat with you two in the morning," Diana said before her voice vanished completely.

  "I should get going home, do you have a phone so I can call a cab?" Jade asked.

  "You'll stay here tonight, you're a pretty, celebrity, it's not safe for you to call a cab at 12:30am," I said.

  "I couldn't do that, Harry," she said.

 "You'r mildly drunk. I can get you some pajamas and you can sleep in my room, I'll take the couch," I said.

  "Someones getting fatherly," Jade said putting her arms up in defence playfully.

  "That and I'm pretty creeped out after Diana said there are ghosts around us," I said scanning the room.

  "I have to admit, me, too, but you don't have to sleep on the couch, it's your house," Jade said.

  "It's fine, the couch is more comfortable than the bed anyway," I joked.

  "Okay, now where are the famous pajamas?" she asked.

  "They're my clothes so you find about three t-shirts and six folded pajama pants in the first wooden draw next to my bed," I said. "So pick a shirt and some pants and your set,"

 "Do you want me to bring you some pajamas?" Jade asked smiling like she was going to burst into laughter again.

  "I'm too tired to change and my head hurts so I'll just sleep in this," I said.

    "Okay, good night, Mr. Styles," Jade said.

  "And goodnight to you, Ms. Thirwall,"


  Heey! Sorry if that chapter was kind of rushed.. It's late and my mind is all over the place... What do you think is going to happen next? Anything between Harry and Jade? Lemme know in the comments!

  XOXO Nicette:)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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