Where's Mummy?

Harry Styles has just gotten his new beautiful baby daughter, Darcy. Too bad his wife Diana died giving birth to Darcy. Now as Harry is raising his daughter all by himself he's focused on keeping the past in the past, but as he tries to forget as much about Diana as possible he starts seeing her, but the real problem is what is Harry going to say when Darcy will ask "Where's mummy?"


2. How To Begin




     Darcy woke up and wore her little bunny slippers. I didn't get much sleep last night, I think I was just going like mentally insane when I saw Diana. Darcy looked well rested unlike me, I had bags under my eyes and could barely keep them open. I had a bit of a problem considering I had band practice with the lads. 


  "C'mon Darcy, lets go get dressed and drop you off with Auntie Eleanor, Danielle, and Perrie," I said picking her up in my arms. "But first, what do you want for breakfast?" I asked kissing her forehead. 


"Pancakes!" Darcy squealed. I pecked her forehead and put her in her high chair. I pulled out all of the ingredients and made the batter and then the pancakes were made. I served Darcy and she looked happy. Darcy finished eating her pancakes I brought her up to her room and got her dressed in a floral little dress and baby size pink converse. As for me I dressed in the usual, a black t-shirt a pair of jeans and white converse and was out the door. I dropped Darcy off at the Eleanor's and Louis' apartment and the three girls who were there saw how I looked and quickly pulled me inside. 

"Harry, how much sleep did you get last night?" Perrie asked concerned. 


"The usual," I muttered. 


"I don't believe you, c'mon lets go make you some tea," Danielle said pulling me into the kitchen. 


"I would love to have some tea but I'm already late for the band rehearsal," I said standing in the middle of the kitchen. 


"That's no problem, I'll just call Louis and tell him to tell Paul that you're going to be a bit late to the rehearsal," Eleanor said picking up Darcy. I shrugged my shoulders and sat on the couch in the living room. A few minutes later the doorbell rang and Perrie went to go answer it. 


"Hello ladies," she said. "Eleanor, the girls are here!" Perrie yelled. 


"Alright!" Eleanor yelled back. Then as I blinked Jade, Leigh-Anne, and Jesy walked in. 


"Harry? What are you doing here?" Jesy asked confused. 


"I came to drop Darcy off, and now Eleanor is making me tea," I explained. She nodded. The three girls took seats next to me and then Darcy came and jumped on my lap. 


"Oh Darcy!!" Jade jumped, then all of the girls joined in. I had forgotten to mention that Jesy has been in a relationship with Niall for a few months and Leigh-Anne and Josh have been dating for a few days, and as for Jade, well she has a boyfriend on her back. Eleanor stepped out of the kitchen with a tray of tea. 


"Alright ladies, and Harry, I have an announcement!" Eleanor said putting the tray down on the coffee table and we all grabbed a cup. Then that's when she showed us her diamond ring. 


"Is that what I think it is?" Danielle questioned. Eleanor nodded eagerly. 


"Louis proposed!?" Perrie said loudly. Eleanor once again nodded. All the girls jumped up from the couch and hugged Eleanor, including Darcy. Of course since Louis and the band and I are all best mates we already knew about this. I got up from my seat and hugged Eleanor, saying,


We all sat back down on the couch. 


"So Harry, what's it like from the mans point of view of being engaged?" Leigh-Anne asked. I sighed for a moment then toom Darcy on my lap again. 


"Well it's a great feeling, I know that it's great in general but it's nothing like ever before. It's amazing to know that the one person you love most loves you back just as much, and it's especially fantastic to know that soon you'll be able to prove that love to them," I said feeling tears pour out of my eyes thinking about the day I proposed to Diana. It was a windy day, she had just returned from coffee with Eleanor, she loved that she wasn't the only girlfriend out of all of the girls who hadn't been on T.V. But just as she kissed my lips softly I got down on one knee and popped the question. I cried in front of the girls more and more as I realized that Darcy was asleep. 


"Harry, what's wrong?" Eleanor asked concerned once again. 


"Nothing, I should just really be getting to practice," I said picking Darcy up slowly and giving her to Eleanor. I put on my coat and left the building. I arrived at the studio and walked in. I saw all the boys playing around and I shot a fake smile. 


"Harry?" Louis asked looking just as concerned as Eleanor. 


"I need to tell you something," I said quietly and pulled him into a corner. 


"What?" he asked. 


"I-I-I-I saw Diana," I blurted out. 


"Harry, I don't really think that, that is possible," Louis said looking as if I were mental. 


"I thought that too but I still saw her," I said looking from side to side. 


"I know that you've always been sad about not saying goodbye to her but now I'm just getting worried about you," Louis said. Once he said that I had a memory flash. 



The nurse was trying to guide me to the lobby of the hospital but I ran back into the room where Diana was bleeding out. I bursted through the doors to see her suffering. I cried as I saw her jumping and gasping from the pain. None of the doctors tried to stop me as I approached her. 

"H-H-Harry," she gasped. 

"I'm here, love I'll always be here," I said as she began to caress my cheek. 

"T-t-tell me, did we have a boy or a girl?" she asked. I was surprised that the doctors hadn't told her. 

"We had a beautiful baby girl," I said with tears running down my cheeks. 

"I need you to promise me that you will take good care of her for the rest of her life," Diana said. 

"I promise but you're going to be coming home soon and you're going to be helping me take care of her," I said. 

"Sadly I-I won't," 


"Harry I love you with all my heart and I want you to tell our daughter that I love her one day when you're ready," she said. 


"I will, I love you too, Diana," I said then kissed her cold but soft pink lips.


"Goodbye, Harry, I'll see you in the future," 


"No! Diana please open your eyes," I pleaded. 


"I can't," she said. "Just say goodbye," she begged. 


"Goodbye, Diana, I'll love you forever," I said. Her last words were. 


"I love you Harry and our daughter," and the last thing she did was wipe my last tear drop. 


End Of Flashback.... 





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