Game of Tricks

Her and Harry are best friends with different tastes. Well...opposites attract right? Wrong? This friendship can never survive. All good things must come to an end.
(This is a One Direction fan fic, but the girl in the book loves Sleeping With Sirens).


1. The Story

              I walked into Harry's room,- We live together in Manchester, England. He is my best friend. My one and only true friend.

              "Oh sorry!" I said covering my eyes. I walked in on Harry and his girlfriend having sex. Man, I wish Harry would dump the bitch. I know that she's just using him. I even caught her cheating on him once. She claims she was drunk at the time, and they did break up. But, they got back together! -.-

            Hazza and I have been friends since the 8th grade. I guess I saved him. At least that's what he says.


          I saw a really hot guy by himself looking like a loner. I didn't have any friends either so I went up to him. I figured eh why not?

          "Can I sit with you?" I looked at him.

          "Um...yeah, sure, please, go right ahead," He scrambled for words. His eyes were emerald green and really beautiful.

          "I love your eyes!" I said to him.

         "Oh, thanks. I like!" He widened his eyes when he had said it.

         "Awww :3 thanks!" I said all hyper.

~End Flashback~

           We just chilled the rest of the luch wave. Orginally we made small talk. But, after we started hanging out after school we started opening up more. It took awhile for that to happen, we were both very closed up and had many secrets. Oh, and also we both were really socially awkward. We called ourselves 'The Awkward Turtles.' We both had an obsession with turtles. Matter of fact, that's one of the only thing we ever agree on/ have a common interest in.

            I walked back into my room and picked up my phone.

 New Text  Message!

FROM: Hazza

To: Me

Hey! sorry about that! shes really.....nvm ;) shes leaving now. be in soon.

        He is such a lazy texter. He doesn't use capitals, commas, apostrophes, and he uses acronyms all the time. For example, nvm stands for nevermind, but you probably know that.

       I didn't really want to talk to him, I just wanted to tell him that I was hungry. I grabbed my bag and opened my window. I climbed onto the roof. This is my happy place. You know the good old hide out or stress reliever.

       I took out my notebook from my Anthem Made backpack :D holla! I also took out my turtle headphones. I plugged them into my phone and went into my music. I clicked on "Let's Cheers to This" By Sleeping With Sirens. I found "A Trophy Father's Trophy Son" and played it. It was my favorite on the album. I am LITTERALLY, NO JOKE, IN COMPLETE AND UTTER LOVE WITH KELLIN QUINN <33333333333333!!!!!!!!! I will marry him someday!!!!!

        Sorry about that Fangirl attack...I started writing in my journal. That's right, I'm a writer. I love it with a burning passion. I want to be a writer when I grow up. Well....that isn't too far away. I just started my first year of college. I know, I am getting so old! D:

         My phone vibrated, I had received another text.

FROM: Colin <3

TO: Me

Hey babe <3 How are you? You recovering well? Call me<33333

        That annoying twit is my 'boyfriend,' I use the term loosely. He's like "If you can't hang," A PRETTY BIG WASTE OF MY TIME! He is kind of cute but he....nevermind you'll find out later...maybe. One more thing, he put his name in my phone not me! >.<

         The song ended and I wrapped up my journal entry. I looked down at the street. I have "jumped" before. That's what Colin was talking about when he asked if i was recovering well. I was in the hospital for a concussion, 2 cracked ribs, and a cracked skull. I know, I shouldn't even be able to move with my ribs cracked. One thing you need to know about me is I'm a fighter. I don't care if my legs are broken, I don't need a wheelchair or cast.I closed my eyes and saw black as I drifted off. Don't worry, this happens a lot.

     I woke up on the roof. I checked my phone, and it said I had 11 messages. Oh great.

1. FROM: Harry

TO: Me

Where r u?

2. FROM: Colin <3

TO: Me


3. FROM: Colin <3

TO: Me


4. FROM: Harry

TO: Me

TO: Me

Did you pass out again?

6. FROM: Zayn

TO: Me

Mate? where are you?

7. FROM: Niall


Harry is worried sick about you, mate where are you?

8. FROM: Liam

TO: Me

Love you alright?

9. FROM: Louis

TO: Me

You better respond to this!

10. FROM: Kat

TO: Me

Wyd? Wanna go shopping?

11. FROM: Harry

TO: Me


       Lovely, just great. And yes, the boys of One Direction are my friends too. I don't really like their music though, SHHH DON'T TELL HARRY! Also, that Kat girl, yeah she's my best friend.

      I was out for 10 minutes, that's all. Gosh, these people are so clingy. I got off the roof and texted Colin and Harry this: "I AM FINE!!! Meet me at Nandos in 20 minutes!"

     I hopped in the car. Derp, keys are in the house. I got out of the car and ran there. I got there in 5 minutes. Good I have 15 minutes left.

-15 minutes later-

      "Hey! What happened?" Harry rushed to me and hugged me.

      "It's time," I whispered.

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