Game of Tricks

Her and Harry are best friends with different tastes. Well...opposites attract right? Wrong? This friendship can never survive. All good things must come to an end.
(This is a One Direction fan fic, but the girl in the book loves Sleeping With Sirens).


2. Puppets

********GUYS THIS CHAPTER=EXPLICT*****************************************************************

I looked at him. His eyes pierced through my soul.

"Are you sure?" He cried.

"Yes," I frowned. "He's here."

Harry turned around and saw Colin. He brought us into the back.

"Colin...are you ready?" I ask wearily.

"Yup..start taking off each others clothes with your teeth," He smirked. We did and we were standing there naked.

"Now...Harry massage her breasts and Lena give him a seductive smile," Colin said. I tried smiling. It most likely looked like I was constipated. This is what he does. He doesn't rape me. He makes Harry do it, and he forces both of us. It isn't really rape. He makes us have sex. Last time I refused he pushed me off the roof, Colin that is.

"Harry enter her," he commanded. He did and I screamed in pain. Colin makes him wear this stupid spiked thing. It hurts like fuck. Harry looked into my eyes and frowned.

He mouthed 'I'm sorry.' I nodded.

"Harry psuh her down, her Lena put his dick in your mouth," Colin says. We did what he said. Honestly, I'm really tired of eating his cum. And Colin has a stupid moto 'Spitters are quitters.'

We finished, and just as Harry got up Colin looked and him, then me and says," Now eat her out." He did. We're like his own personal porn puppets. >.<

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