Jay's Poems

Well, this is my book of poems I've written over the pas couple of months since I started writing.


8. Us

When we were 5,
We met at school,
I was best friends with you,
I thought you were cool.

When we were 7,
I got glasses,
You never laughed at them,
And we got on with our classes.

When we were 9,
You became cruel,
You would tease me and hurt me,
I didn't think it was cool.

When we were 11,
I moved away,
Our friendship on hold,
For another day.

When we were 13,
I said I like you,
And you turned me down,
To be with your crew.

As we grew apart,
I wished it would stop,
But you let it happen,
So it did not stop.

When we were 5
We met at school,
And I regret that
I thought you were cool.

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