Jay's Poems

Well, this is my book of poems I've written over the pas couple of months since I started writing.


7. The Life

I sit and cry beside the wall,
You just walk on by,
I stand by the wall with my head down,
You say why won't you die?

I hide the scars, the cuts, the bruises,
You say show me your arms,
I pull my sleeve up sheepishly,
You say you're one who self-harms.

I say couldn't you leave me be?
Can't you see what you've done?
I write those words down hastily,
And then pick up the gun.

Next day you're called,
Into the room,
Is It true sir?
Did he go out with a boom?

The life you took,
The life you tore,
That life you stole,
A life no more.

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