Jay's Poems

Well, this is my book of poems I've written over the pas couple of months since I started writing.


6. The God That Never Cared

When I was younger,
At the end of the school day,
I would run up to my room,
kneel down, and pray.

I would pray for Daddy,
Pray for Mammy,
Pray for Grandad,
Pray for Granny.

Then I would pray for me,
As I knelt by the bed,
When I thought that God,
Was watching over my head.

I would pray for them to stop.
Stop calling me names.
Stop beating me up.
Stop excluding me from games.

But my prayers were never answered.
The teasing didn't end.
I gave up on my Lord.
My belief I did not tend.

And now I stand for nothing.
My end is surely nigh.
How can I keep on living,
I ponder with a sigh,

How can I keep on living,
When I stand for nothing?
And if I stand for nothing,
Then what's the point of living?


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