Jay's Poems

Well, this is my book of poems I've written over the pas couple of months since I started writing.


18. Him

His eyes sparkle like deep blue diamonds,
His skin shines like a star,
His hair flows like a river,
His lips are as red as fire.

When he walks, he stands tall,
When he talks, his silky voice flows from his lips,
When he runs, he runs like a cheetah,
When he smiles, the world smiles with him.

When you gaze into his deep eyes, you lose yourself,
When you talk to him, you find yourself entranced by his voice,
When you see him smile, you can’t help but smile back, J
When you hear him laugh, you erupt into laughter with him.

He is beautiful; He is kind,
He is always on my mind.
He is caring; he’s a ray of sunshine,
And he is my valentine.

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