Jay's Poems

Well, this is my book of poems I've written over the pas couple of months since I started writing.


15. Darkness

Standing on the edge of the abyss, I look over the edge.
The darkness consuming the light, the horror consuming the joy.
The hate consuming the love, the soul consuming the heart.
The mind and heart battling for control, fighting, screaming to be heard.
Screaming silently.
They may never see it, but I am so much more.
I am the night that will consume their days.
I am the dark that will consume their light.
I am the horror that will consume their joy.
I am the guilt that will consume their tainted hearts and minds.
When they come running, I will turn away.
When they scream and plead for forgiveness, I will turn and shout,
"NO! You shall feel the pain you bore me for all my days, and it will consume you 'til the end of your nights. And then, only then, will you have my forgiveness."
Then I stepped over the edge.

(Hey, this was my first poem. Woop woop.)

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