The girl who brings trouble!

"Whats your name?"
"The girl who brings trouble!"


1. The club

I walked into the club, I felt someone watching me as I walked to the bar. "Hey brad." I said above the music.

"Hey Liz. What you doing here?"

"Umm I work here, and I had a fight with the parent units."

"Yeah, well help me out, it's busy and I'll pay you."

"Kay." I sat on the counter and spun my legs over and hoped off. Picked my aprone up and put it on.

"Five over here!" So guy shouted. I nodded. Gave him the shoots and got the money putting it in the till. I heard the song I couldn't stand, sang by the band I hated. It was Kiss you by One direction, live. Oh god make it stop. I heard the crowed sing along. While I wished I was anyway but here. But I couldn't leave I need the money. So I sevred people drinks until Bea was here to take over. I gave her the aprone, took my tips and my money for working at should short notice. I walked out side from the back. I leade against the wall next to the back door. I hearded the 1D band shout that they were leaving. Yes!!! The back door open. They didn't see me I was hide by shadows. Lucky!!! "Zayn, Louis, Liam and Niall, I can't belive the tours over!!"

"I know I don't want to leave!" I was about to leave when I had an idea. I pushed over the bins making a loud bang then I scream

"No please! Somebody help! Anyone!" I lay on the floor. Then I seen the boys run to find me. Once they got to me one bent down and asked "You OK?" I stood up.

"Go ya's good didn't I?" I laughed and walked off.

"Hey! That wasn't funny!" I turn to faced them.

"I though it was!" I smiled. The walked off, they followed me. I walked round and rould in circles untill I heard one whisper,

"Are we walking in circles?" I turned around.

"Yep, we are."


"Well, I'm not letting you follow me to my house, am I?" One of the let out a low whisle.

"Sorry for following you but what if something bad hap-" They stopped. And looked behide me.

"You got a gun?"

"Yep. And I'm gonna kill you." The man behide me said. I ducked, turned around then kicked him in the face. I kicked him in the balls and he fell on to his knees, I kick his head and couple off times took his gun and turned to the boys.

"I think I can handle my self thak you." I was about to walk off when one of them grabbed my wrist, and turned me around to face them. Curly. I bit my lip looked him in the eyes turned my head to the side looked at his lips then back at his eyes. He smiled, so did I. Then I kneed him in the balls. "Curly, I've got a gun, and you've just watched my beat up a guy twice my size, and you still touch me." Stared him down. Then I heard the cops. "Shit!" I said then ran. I tooked my gun in to my bra. They still followed me. "Whats you name?" One of them yelled. I stopped and smile.

"The girl who brings trouble!"

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