The girl who brings trouble!

"Whats your name?"
"The girl who brings trouble!"


2. oh no!

"Yeah! Get up daddy wants you too meet the boys!" I hit a pillow at the door, just missing my 7 year old sister. She left the room when I told her I'd be down in a minute. Getting into some joggers and a vest top. I put my gun in my bra, then put a hoodie on to hide it. I always but my gun in my bra now I used to carry a knife. I put my hair into a high ponytail, and brushed my teeth. I went down stairs. I frowned when I saw the boys my dad was managing. The boys from last night. "Shit!"  I breathed. Then smiled, said hello and went to get an apple. "Honey, I'll be back at 12am, I'm going to Emma's home for the night. And Angle is sleeping at a friends. Be nice to the boy's!" With that he left. I walked into the sitting room, followed by them.

"So girl who brings trouble, what are we going to do?" One asked.

"Well, I'm going to-" The door fell. And the police walked in. "Oh, yeah boys what you doing?"

"We chased the guys, you know the ones on the most wanted list?"

"OH MY GOD! I would do anything to shoot them guys! Anyway wanna stay here?" They nodded, then asked.

"Who are they?"

"Oh that's a band called er thingy ma bob."

"One Direction."

"OK well stay away from our little girl." Rob said. Coming up to me and giving me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. I giggled. They always said that. "I'm gonna go fix the door. Again. You guys should learn how to knock." I went to the door, when a BANG filled the air. I got my gun and shoot all five of them. I seen the One Direction boys run into the hall way. I looked at the five boys lying on the floor. I walked into the sitting room and turned on the TV. It was on the news already. My phone rang. "Hey!"

"What are you doing shooting people again!?!" My dad yelled.

"They tried to kill me first!" I hung up. Everyone was looking at me. "God he just doesn't care does he!" I punched the wall and left a hole in it. "I'm leaving!"

"Where are we going?" Curly asked.

"I don't know! And you're not coming." I yelled. Rob and Jay left. Leaving me with the boys. "You're not going anyway." Curly said. The boys grabbed me and flung me over they shoulder. I shouted and screamed. I kneed Louis over and over again. But  got passed on to Zayn. Then after I got passed around twice I gave up. Once they put me down we were in the studio. "OK time for twitcam!" Curly yelled. Once they started twitcam. I sunk into the background. Until someone asked who I was. "Come and tell them who you are."

"Hey everybody, I'm just the manages daughter." I said staying were I am. The someone asked if I was going out with any of the boys. "Oh hell no!" I yelled. But I started to laugh. I read the other comments. Someone ask me to kill my self. "OK I'll go and find something. Why how do you want me too die?" An gun. They said. "OK." I got my gun and held it to my head. "No." Curly shouted taking the gun of me. I sighed. "They want me to die so I'll die."

"No you wont." Liam screamed. I put my hand up.

"Wooooh. Never knew you cared." I shrugged.

"And as punishment, you have to sing. To the people." Zayn said. Niall nodded eating food. They pushed me into the box thing. So I started to sing.

H-Hey H-Hey
H-H-Hey (H-Hey)

I'm the kinda girl who doesn't say a word,
Who sits at the curb and waits for the world
But I'm about to break out, about to break out
I'm like a crook tonight

I caught you staring at me and I was thinking clearly
And now I'm like a bee and I'm huntin' for the honey
And I'm kinda shy but you're super fly yeah
I could be your kryptonite

Like ohh ohh ohh
Light my heart up baby like a match stick
Ohh ohh ohh
And hit the gas quick

Ready or not
Here I come
Where you at?
The night is young
In the crowd the music's loud but I will find you
Ready or not
Here I come
I like your face
Do you like my song?
Just sing it la la la la la la and I'll find you
Ready or not (Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh)
Ready or not (Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh)

Hello my name is... (Bridgit)
Nice to meet you
I think you're famous
Where have I seen you?
You'll be my William, I'll be your Kate
Livin' like a fairytale
We could have a palace right next to Oprah
37 cars and a yacht down in Boca
Take me away wherever you say
Yeah we could be setting sail

"Wow." They breathe. I shrugged.

"Can I get out yet?" Niall unlocked the door. "Thanks."

"That wasn't the full song was it?"

"Nope but now I'm out."

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