things that go bump in the night

sarah and michelle are best friends forever they both have guys in there lives, one day michelle goes missing, does her boyfriend have anything to do with it?? read to find out! xxxx :o


1. characters and plot




Has brown hair, dark blue eyes, is 21, is 5ft”10



  Has black hair, blue eyes, is 21, is 5ft”9



 Black hair, hazel eyes, is 22, is 6ft”1




angie and claire were botth maids in the hilton hotel, i no they must be rich, they didnt no eachother at all and they both had totally different lives. they didnt have many friends and they were often lonely at the hotel everyone who stayed there was careless and they didnt give any tips! well one day there lonelness was about to change, now dont take it as a good thing. but lets just say they have a few bright moments tgether! :)

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