Katrie's Intresting Adventures (Boss Life Saga book 1)

17 year old Katrie McGreevy's Journal for her English class in 11th grade tells the story of her life, her travels and her famous close friends.

Trigger warnings: Self harm


1. Unha Entrada

Hey I'm Katrie McGreevy I'm from Cork Ireland but I grew up in Spain I moved to the US in August the week after the Olympics which were amazing by the way. So when I moved here and signed up for school they put me in Spanish as "foreign" language, jokes on them I lived in Spain for 9 years. haha. Spanish class is funny because everyone talks around me not realizing I understand them, See when they asked me where I moved here from I answered truthfully with Cork. So, thus far I have learned that Gace (yes Gace not Grace) is a mom and pregnant again and she's only 16, Tony-Ann from Texas is an uber bitch and the McIrish (their wonderful nickname for me) is a whore, I don't know how though, I don't talk to anyone. It's sad my Hispanic "friends" are pathetic.


So a little more about me, My dad's parents are Irish-Americans who moved to Cork to raise him, and my mom is half Scottish half Irish. I was born in Cork (Ireland) and lived there for 4 years, then we moved to Seville (Spain) and were there for 9 years. We spent a year in USA and then moved back to Cork for a few more years  before moving back here. My mom was a PR agent for an Olympic athlete so we moved to what every country they lived in at the time. Because of them I was able to attend the '04 '08 and '12 Olympics, other than that we spend every summer in Maine (USA) my mom now works at a PR agency here because my dad was offered to head the local branch of the publishing company he works for. I have one sibling a 21 year old brother named Finnik he's a "Ginger" and he lives in New Haven (Connecticut, USA) so he can attend Yale University. So, what about me right? I'm 17 I'm Blonde and 5'7" I have blue eyes with orange flecks, my favourite colour is copper and as well as English, Spanish, and broken Gaelic I can speak basic Portuguese. (Seville is close to Portugal.) Our house here is tiny compared to the farm in Ireland and the villa in Spain but it's larger than our summer house in Maine. I just got my license here and my parents bought me a car. I live in the Old Money part of County rather than the No Money parts, and I got to school here. That's all you really need to know about me for now.

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