Katrie's Intresting Adventures (Boss Life Saga book 1)

17 year old Katrie McGreevy's Journal for her English class in 11th grade tells the story of her life, her travels and her famous close friends.

Trigger warnings: Self harm


6. Seis

A/N Sorry its like so short and crappy. but do you guys like how fast I update? and how are you liking the story so far? I think I am going to make Katrie have another friend. probs Tony-Ann because she exists already. :) Let me know how you guys are liking my story! <3


We got back last night, dad was happy, and to me and moms surprise Finnik and Emma were also home. I'm excited the whole family is back together. I called Zayn after telling Emma about hi. he was happy to hear from me, and he got my letter, he said that it was okay that I was mad at him, and he understood, and that he was glad I got it all off my chest. He asked if the next time that he found himself in this area that he could take me on a date, he wants to see a football game and questions if Philadelphia Union is as good as Manchester United. I burst out laughing, Americans aren't as crazy about football as the rest of the world is. It was also funny cause I was playing FIFA as Barcelona of course as he asked about it.

Today in Spanish she assigned a "where in the world would you like to visit" project. Its only a few sentences but give it thought. I chose Brazil, but you'll have to wait to see why.

EMMA WANTS TO MARRY FINNIK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh My GOSH! So Finnik just asked me to help him pick out a ring. He is going to purpose!!!!!!!!!

We went to the Tiffany & Co in Philadelphia and he picked out this gorgeous ring, its large and platinum with diamonds and sapphire and its totally Emma and like oh my gosh they are going to get married.

Zayn texted me and told me that he would be in town on Friday, and we are going to have dinner at my house and then go to he game. and like he is going to be there when Finnik and Emma get engaged.

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