Katrie's Intresting Adventures (Boss Life Saga book 1)

17 year old Katrie McGreevy's Journal for her English class in 11th grade tells the story of her life, her travels and her famous close friends.

Trigger warnings: Self harm


5. Number 5, mostly a letter to Zayn.

It's Tuesday and I made up all the work I missed so far. I really really want to talk to Zayn and I'm kind of getting sick of all the rain, so I think we will go back soon. I wrote a letter to Zayn, because I miss him. It is a real one, on parchment with a feather pen in calligraphy, it's just not completely proper English. I attached a copy of it for you to read, but its for your eyes only:


Dear Zayn,

I would love to call or text you but my phone unlike me is in Pennsylvania right now. But as soon as I get home I promise I will call. Did you have a nice time in Montreal? I found the day to be very fun. Have you ever been to Booth Bay Maine? If not you should visit it sometime. It's nice, it's on the water a little bit up the coast. It is a fishing town. Its been raining often since I came to visit but it is nice.

My mom is going stir crazy here, I know its driving her nuts not leaving. But she won't until she knows I am solid. It's kind of the same thing the boys did to you after you got out of rehab. I am sorry that those events were in the public eye as a private manner, I truly am. BUT I am so very happy you got help. Granted you were a hypocrite. You forced me to get help after you found out about my habit, yet you didn't get help then? Was it because you couldn't see it? You didn't care? Or was it that Annadrea was the real push to get help? I know I wasn't nearly as bad, but why didn't you see it then?

I hope you still would like to be friends after this, I just needed to get it off my chest. But if you don't that is okay. It was nice talking to you.


Katrie. :)


I'll just leave you with this, Zayn is J.

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