Katrie's Intresting Adventures (Boss Life Saga book 1)

17 year old Katrie McGreevy's Journal for her English class in 11th grade tells the story of her life, her travels and her famous close friends.

Trigger warnings: Self harm


2. Entry Two, other wise known as my rant about stupid Americans

A/N IK the title might be a tad confusing  this is still one of Katrie's journal entries, she is just annoyed at what's going on around her. also, what state do you guys want her to live in? and should I have like the teacher replying to what she says in the journal? Let me know guys! I'd love your feedback!



Why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why do you people in this country not understand that it is impolite to talk shit about people you don't know. I don't understand this, I have never had a conversation with half these people and they go around spreading rumors about me. This is why I liked home school, this is why I dreaded moving back here. Dad could have headed the branch any where in the world and he chose here? What ever I just want to go home, back to Cork, or Seville, or Booth Bay Harbor (ME, USA), and I just want to see Finnik, and his girl friend Emma, and my best friend, Payidge. She is amazing, she has brilliant red hair kind of like Merida from Brave. She goes to boarding school in MA (USA) I only get to see her in the summers, she lives next to our house in Maine. I miss her, she has amazing photography skills, and can cheer me up no matter how sad I am, we are so close, she is like a sister to me. I think I'm going to fly up to Logan to Boston to see her this weekend. IMPROMTU VISIT TIME! Oh gosh how much I miss her.

Any way, let get these stupid rumors out of the way shall we?

1. "I bet she's met the queen." first thing first, she isn't even my queen, we aren't part of Great Britain, I am from the Republic of Ireland not Northern Ireland, not my queen not my problem. But Yes, I have met her. My parents working where they work are High Society people, so they know everyone (how else would my brother be best friends with and dating Emma Watson)

2. "McIrish is a hoe" This is so true, I LOVE TO GARDEN, THE HOE IS MY FAVOURITE GARDENING TOOL!!!!!!! But seriously guys, why? Just why?  I know I told you this last time Ms. but let me rephrase, I DONT TALK TO ANYONE HOW AM I A HOE!?!?

3. So this one is less of a rumor, but still "So I heard shes like uber rich, so you know her living in the UK and all she would have totally met One Direction. OMFG THAT LUCKY WHORE" No Lie her exact words. Um, yea, I've met them. and yea, I saw them on X-Factor, and in concert and the Olympics. But what ever no big deal. this whole world doesn't revolve around them, or money. But Zayn is Hot, and Money is Nice. :)

4. Something about me being rude and stuck up. GUYS I DONT TALK TO YOU BECAUSE YOU ARE RUDE AND UNINCLUSIVE!!!!! I am just so done with these people.

Seriously Mr. I just really want to go home! I just ordered my plane ticket to fly to BOS this weekend. Payidge is going to be so excited to see me, or at least I hope she will. I think we are going to go see a movie and go horse back riding, and maybe on our next three or four day weekend we can go up to Maine, and just chill and not have a care in the world. Gosh, I really hate this place. I'm so glad I'm getting out and not doing anything stupid again, like last time...

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