Katrie's Intresting Adventures (Boss Life Saga book 1)

17 year old Katrie McGreevy's Journal for her English class in 11th grade tells the story of her life, her travels and her famous close friends.

Trigger warnings: Self harm


4. Catro entrada, o que pasou o sábado.

I moped around the house till Friday night when Payidge showed up and insisted that my mom take us to Montreal (QC, Canada) which meant I had to shower and put on presentable clothes. I hadn't showered since Wednesday morning so it felt kind of good. Once I got out I threw on a t-shirt, jeans moccasins and an oversized Barcelona Hoodie I got at the world cup. We got to Montreal around 4 am and Payidge insisted we go to Dunkin Donuts for coffee. I don't get why New Englanders love Dunks so much, but my mom agreed so we went there. It was really hot when we got inside so I took my sweater off. But that was a bad idea because as soon as I did these 3 guys would not stop looking at me. One of them came up to me he was wearing a Red Sox hat and sunglasses. Why was he wearing sun glasses inside at 4 am I questioned. As soon as he took them off I realized why, he was hiding, he was Louis Tomlinson. He looked at my t-shirt then started talking to me. "Oh my, Katrie, you weren't kidding."

See the last time I saw the guys, any of them, it was right after their performance at the Olympics, I had them sign my London 2012 t-shirt and I told Lou that I would wear it next time I saw them so they remembered me, and looking down, guess what I had on. yep my London 2012 t-shirt. and Lou did remember me.


 He was completely ecstatic, and then kind of concerned. He was questioning what I was doing at a coffee shop in downtown Montreal at 4am when I lived in Pennsylvania now. I told him a very abridged version of what happened. I went to Maine, Saw Payidge and she wanted to take a spur of the moment trip to MTL. He looked over at Payidge and flipped out. He kept going on about how my descriptions of her were nothing like how she really looks. "Her Brilliant blue eyes! her hair! its wild! it's crazy! she kind of looks like that Disney princess! wow, she is completely beautiful!

BUT then the truly unexpected thing happened. Zayn and Liam came over and started talking to us and Zayn made a comment about how even though he likes Merida, he prefers Rapunzel from Tangled. Oh MY GOSH!!!!!!!!! When we met we were at a ball, and he told me I looked like Cinderella, and I told him I liked Rapunzel more so then he started calling me Rapunzel So he like said that he prefers me over Payidge, cause we always describe her as Merida. YAY! Don't get me wrong, I love her to death, but just some times I wish boys would prefer me over her. Just saying,

We hung out till around 8am and then they had to go to this signing but we promised to meet back up at this burger joint for dinner. Us girls went shopping and to this cute little museum before we met up with the boys, It was fun to have a girls day out. At dinner, the cool kids all ordered veggie burgers, I don't remember what the rest of them got. We must have been there for a few hours and at the end of the night Zayn asked for my number and gave me his. I told him that I left my phone in PA but I promised to call him once I got home and I will, I'm just not ready to go back yet.

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