Used to be (1D/Harry Styles)

My second story hope you like it<3

A girl who fall in love too soon, but her love bullied her to much.

she couldn't handel it, so she run away. far away in to life.

what will happend if she found a new love, but her love died?
what if she get a job where she met again her bully?
would two lovebirds gonna realize their love for each other or it will be too late?


3. Chapter 3- Sorry... I wish I never did that

Chapter 3

Sorry...I wish i never did that




Harry's POV

"Catch the phone Hazza!!"

LIam yelled at me throwing the my brand new IPhone because someone , like Niall played some games and broke it. It almost didn't fall from my arms as I catched my IPhone and put it in my pocket of black skinny jeans. Today we were making a new song and it taked a lot of  time.

" I am hungry... "

 Niall shouted and Zayn fell from the couch while he was sleeping.

" What the fu..."

Zayn almost swear if Liam didn't barged in and said  angrily "Zayn..

." "Sorry Liam."

Zayn apologized to Liam and heded out side to have a smoke. I know this guy for 3 years and he still  confuses me sometimes. We all stayed quietly until Louis entered the room with a bottle , empty green bottle in his hand.

" Lets play Spin the bottle!! "

He screamed as he sit on fluffy  white carpet . Now we were all on the floor  except Zayn.

" Who will go and catch Zayn ?"

Louis asked us. Liam and Niall looked me and then Louis followed them.

" Cmon,  what are you waiting for?! "

Niall shouted at me with his thick Irish axcent in his voice.

" Ok Ok.. I am going.. but if I dont make alive,, bury me next to syco records. "

They sent weird looks at me, but they shrugged it of. They really didn't know what was going on between me and Zayn, but they noticed how Zayn is acting to me. I did something I will regret for life. I had Sex with his girlfriend, well ex-girlfriend Lena. I was drunk that night but I stll kinda remember it.. I tried to tell Zayn that she was taking my hand to the room, but Zayn wouldn't listen.He almost didn t hit me when he found us, cuddled together and naked in bed.He maybe doesnt know, but he is one of my "brothers". We were all family at the beginig, but time drift as. I enterd in his room and saw him looking at some picture on the phone. As I looked better I saw Lena..


I said calmy and hopefully that this conversation will go well.

"What is it...manwhore?"

He said last word in his breath, but i hard him clearly. It really hurts when your best friend say that you are the one who is fuckin the whole women population. It isnt my fault that i have needs and I have hormones that are waiting to explode on someone,, or in someone. Oh god...what I am thinking.

"Cmon, lets go downstairs and play Louis game."

"I will, just gimme some time."

Zayn said in monotone voice i ever heard. Like he didnt care about me.

"Zayn please for Gods sake, I am sorry but she is the one who is cheating you the whole time. You didnt see that because you were too distracted by her ass and boob...just like I was at that party. Maybe even worse."

Now Zayn looked in my eyes and said

"I know.. i know that she has been cheating on me, I wanna end  it that night. But when I saw you two together in bed my heart shuter. I still could not believe that you did it with her."

He was crying right now,his hand on his head ready to pull out all of his hair. I opened my arms and huged him. As we were hugging we herd something shatter in living room. Hope its not Louis. We seperate and heded downstairs. We enterd in living room and with picture of Louis crying over broken bottle, will always be in my memory.

"Guys stop crying over bottle, i am going now to grocery shop so I will brought one."

They all lit their heads up and even Louis ......









Sorry for not updating... i had alot on my mind and there were those big exams..

I will and gonna try my best to finish this story for good...

xoxo Nensika










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