Used to be (1D/Harry Styles)

My second story hope you like it<3

A girl who fall in love too soon, but her love bullied her to much.

she couldn't handel it, so she run away. far away in to life.

what will happend if she found a new love, but her love died?
what if she get a job where she met again her bully?
would two lovebirds gonna realize their love for each other or it will be too late?


2. Chapter 2- What the hell happend?


Chapter 2

What the hell happend?





I was almost running away from him. I didnt want to see him. That bastard, he ruined my life, but if he didn't ruin my life I would never meet Max. Or fall in love with him. I remember Harry in good and bad way. When we were younger, we were best friends. After 8 grade he become my bully.




"C'mon, cmon, cmon, wake up!!!" someone scream at my ear.

I got up fast and knocked up Harry.

"What was that for? You just awake me. "

"Ah... I hate you..""  You know you love me. " I said while Harry was getting up from the floor.

He was still cocky bastard like always, but he can put a smile on my face everyday. I get up from bed and do some exercise. When I finish all of exercise I saw that Harry was looking at me at doors with mouth wide oped. 


"What.. you like what you see. "I asked Harry cause I was just in my bra and knickers.


He just run down the stairs as I went in bathroom to take a shower. After hot shower I decided to wear my floral dress what I got for my birthday from Harry.  He really knows what to pick. The dress wasn't to short but it wasn't to long. It was just perfect. I put a little make up, just a mascara and lip gloss. I curled my long dark brown hair and put a clip on it. I looked at mirror and I was flater by my self. I looked gorgeous. 


"Hello, are you ready? "Harry asked me while knocking om my bathroom door.


"Just a sec and I will be down. "I heard steps going to the stairs and I think that was Harry. I step out of bathroom and heded down in living room.

Today is our first day in 9 grade so I need to make good impression. As I got down Harry's mouth are open wide again. I cant believe this boy. He sees me in just my underwear and his mouth are wide open like now. But i must to say, Harry looked very handsome today. Wow, I cant wait for school. I am not nerd, but I sam not those stupid punks. Im just normal.


"C'mon kids, its time to go!!"

Harry's mom Anne called us and waited us in the street.


 As Harry's mom was driving, we were playing some games. When we come near our school, Harry shake a little. I didn't know why, so I asked him.

"Harry, are you ok?"

"I am fine, just excited..."


I know that something is bothering him, but I just let it go. We  open the car door and went in school. as I was walking and humming my favorite song "Isn't she lovely" someone pined me up by my rusty old locker. I look up and I couldn't believe. Harry, my best bud ever is pining me harshly to my locker.


"H..Harry?" I stutter and awkwardly said.

" Shut up slutty bitch.!" He yelled and all attention was on us.

"You are really pathetic, why was I ever your friend." He said with fist ready to knock someone out.


His eyes, now full with anger stared in my brown. He did something that I doubt he will never do to me.

He hit me.

Pretty strong in my stomach. I stared in his green eyes as I was falling on the cold floor.

"God you should kill yourself... dirty whore..." He left and spat on me.


Flashback ends


Thats the day I left everyone,  gone in my word and made something about my life. I meet Max,, and all that stuff... now I just want that Harry doesn't remember me.

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