Used to be (1D/Harry Styles)

My second story hope you like it<3

A girl who fall in love too soon, but her love bullied her to much.

she couldn't handel it, so she run away. far away in to life.

what will happend if she found a new love, but her love died?
what if she get a job where she met again her bully?
would two lovebirds gonna realize their love for each other or it will be too late?


1. Chapter 1-Sad things and bump in park

Chapter 1

Sad things and bump in park






Coming from funeral isn't happy thing.

It's sad. When someone who you love die, you broke down.You try to stand up, but you kept falling down,  smashed in pieces.

It hurts to think, what you done for him, it is all gone.

His body is gone.

His soul is gone.

his voice,

his eyes,

everything gone.


His death for me is something that i regret for my life. I've seen him geting killed, the blood, I screaming his name.

I keep remember all of bad things, but even the good one. I only have 18 years and I've gone through everything imposible.

Seen the world, meet Max , have wonderful life, and then Max asked to marry him.


It was summer in Egypt. Sun was shining like hell. The wind almost didn't even show. Me and Max were on river catching fish.

You are gonna get it one day... hopefully.  

Max was saying while I was trying to catch a fish.

I almost catch a fish when it slipped from me and fell in river. Max was laughing his ass of. He even fell in water of laughing so much. God I love him. 

Lets go home to dry ourselves.

Max said as he took my body and put it on his shoulder.

Stop it!! 

I started to scream on his shoulder and he just chuckle on it.



We walked , well Max walked to our rented house. We are staying here for just 5 more days. When we entered , he put me down and said:

Go to bathroom and get ready, ok?

I just smiled at him and went to bathroom. When I enter in bathroom, first thing I saw was beautiful white long dress.

I put it on the side cause I am still wet from river. If  want to be gorgeous for Max, I need to go in shower first.

After refreshing shower, I grab my dress and put it on. I curled my long black hair and put some white orchid on it.

I havent put any make up cause I like my face without any. And I am allergic. 

As I am done I walked in living room. I heard someone gasp. It was Max. 

Wow... You are beautiful.and more than beautiful.

 Max approached to me and gave me passionate kiss.

What was that for?

I asked, little lust in my voice.

You will see.

Max answered me.

Turn around.

I turn around on Max s command. Then I feel something smooth covered my eyes.

Whats going on?

 Just follow me, ok?


I followed him and keep asking him questions. He just chuckle on them. Well that is kinda of sarcasm.

When we arived, he took of my blind fold. 

Oh my god... Its beautiful Max.

 Well it isnt beautiful like you.

i couldn't believe it. He get us a picnic dinner over sun set. In Egypt.We sat down in picnic and eat a chicken. It was magnificent. 

Do you know were we meet?

 Max asked me with a little fear in his voice.

Yes I do... on Green Day concert two years ago.. on this day.

His lips are now in biggest smile I ever seen. Now he got up and handed me his hand. He pulled me up and now he was going on knees. What is he doing, I was thinking in my mind.

When he sat on his knee, he took a little box that was buried in sand. 

Nensi May, would  you be my wife?

Max asked me with his puppy eyes. He knows that that dosen't work on me, but he asked me to marry him. I was soo happy,  I just cant believe it.


 I smiled to Max and have him most passionate kiss ever. Our tongues exploring our mouths. 

We continued and started to pull our clothes every were . He gave me love bite, and I gave him back.

We were going deeper and deeper in . We were having sex in middle of Egypt, on sunset and it was amazing.


Flashback ends


Oh.. i loved those days.

When the car stop right out my house , I get up and took the flowers who were at back seat. Flowers were beautiful. White and red roses. I let a tear fall from my eye. I stil couldn't believe that he is gone. But to beter place.

I took roses and heded to my house. It was our first house. Now its only mine.

There are so much memories in this house. When we first end up in London looking for a men called Rino. His old friend.

As I enter the house, I heard loud noise coming out of kitchen. I already know who is in there.

I go there and find our dog Ruffy eating something yucky. I took it away and throw it in garbage.

Oh Ruffy, you stil are happy while my heart is broken.  

I said with almost tearing my eyes on our white husky. Now its only mine. I need to get used to that word. Me, no us.

I grab Ruffy and took him outside. Walking next to park and seeing those happy couple make me cry. But i couldn't. Not for Max. I need to be strong for him. As I was drifting in my mind, I got hit by some body. I almost fell until hand reached me and pick up.

I am so sorry.

 I said to guy who picked me up.

Its no problem. 

Now I look up at the guy and recognize him. My ex best friend an ex bully.

Harry Styles.

Mm.. i have to go. thanks for helping me. bye!

I said  while leaving him clueless in middle of park. I grabed Ruffy and hed back to my house.






Hope you like it... This is my new one. 

xoxoxo Nensika

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