Little Bird

Rosie is the new girl at Holmes Chapel High. Rosie is a straight A, top of her class, good girl. But will 5 perticular boys be able to change that?

Gangs. The Black Cobras and The South Court. These 2 gangs are the most feared in all of Holmes Chapel and England for that matter. No one will dare mess with them. These 2 gangs are rivals and will fight to take what they want from each other. They are complete bad boys and have very dark pasts that scare other people into cowering at their presence. After a while, Rosie is done dealing with their bullshit, will she crack or stand strong?

Will Rosie be able to keep up a clean, good girl act or will she let wild and break some rules. Find out in 'Little Bird'.


2. ~*~Chapter Two~*~

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I pushed open the door to Mr. Dunham's classroom. Everyone in his class took their attention away from what they were doing (Mostly on their phones) and looked to the front of the room where I stood. I heard the door slam loudly which finally got the old teacher to look my way. 

"Oh, hello. You must be Miss. Teasdale. I'm Mr. Dunham, your new math teacher. Welcome to 1st period."

Mr. Dunham said while making weird hand motions.


I shyly waved to him and the rest of the class. Due to the awkward silence, I took the time to look over the class. Mostly everyone looked bored or sleepy, except 2 unusual boys. While scanning over the students, those boys were the only ones that caught my eyes. One had blond hair with brown roots growing out and mystical blue eyes, while the other had a brown buzcut and brown, puppy-like eyes. They were both unbelievably fit. 

"Ummm.. Miss. Teasdale, please take a seat back next to Mr. Payne over in the very last row. Mr. Payne please raise your hand. 

Mr. Dunham said while motioning to the back row. The interesting boy with the buzcut raised his hand high enough for me to see. I slowly started to walk back to the seat to the left of him and directly behind the blonde haired boy. I plopped down in my seat and took out my notebook.

"Names Liam, Love. What's yours?"

The boy with the buzcut said as he turned towards me, completely ignoring the lesson. 


I responded stuttering. Shit. He probably knows that he makes me nervous now. Damn, there goes my one rule at trying to act cool in front of attractive boys. Liam smirked. 

"Well, Rosie, we are going to have a lot of fun this year."

Liam said putting emphasis on 'A lot'.  Gosh, this boy may be cute, but he is a big pervert. Noticing my discomfort, Liam spoke up.

"Niall, meet Rosie."

The blond boy in front of me, turned around and smiled. I took in his flawless features and clear braces. 

"Nice to meet you, Rosie."

Niall said grinning. I immediately blushed and looked down. They both chuckled as they saw the bright red creep up onto my cheeks.

"I think that we should introduce her to some people. To you know, help her make new friends, dontcha think Niall?"

Liam said with a glimmer of excitment in his eyes while looking at Niall. Niall shot Liam back the same expression. 

"Actually, I think she would be perfect to introduce to Danielle."

Niall said staring directly at me. 

"Mr. Horan and Mr. Payne. Please face forward and stop distracting Miss. Teasdale."

Mr. Dunham said in a scared voice. Was he scared of these boys? No he can't be. They don't look scary or harmful at all?

                      * * * After Class * * *

I walked up to my new locker and put in the combination. I had a free period this period so I took my time to assemble my locker. After a while, the bell rang and the hallways cleared. I was left on the 2nd floor main hallway by myself, or so I thought. 

As I put my last book in my locker,  I spun around to see a group of five boys yelling at each other just about 15 feet away from me. That's when I saw the firmiliar blonde locks and brown buzcut. It was Liam and Niall and three other boys. They seemed serious and concentration. All of a sudden, a boy with tan skin and a perfect black quiff, punched a lcoker next to the boy opposite him. The boy opposite him had brown, tousled curls. His piercing green eyes made eye contact with my dark blue eyes for a second, until he smirked. A boy next to the guy with brown curls, looked my way and smirked at me also. He had brown, sandy hair and blue, carefree eyes. He looked laid back and fun. Unlike the rest. Slowly, the rest of the boys followed curly's eyes and saw me. Liam looked taken aback while Niall looked pissed but when he saw me, his eyes softened.

I wasn't going to all of a sudden walk away because of a little fight between teenage boys in a hallway. They all were looking at me as if they expected me too. If they wanted privacy, then they should do this somewhere else. 

I continued packing my stuff into my locker. Every once in a while glancing back at them. Even after 5 minutes they were all still staring at me as if to say 'You done yet? Now leave'. 

I finally walked away rolling my eyes. I was still in ear-shot when they continued though. 

"Shit. I told you not to do this in the middle of the hallway! She might find out now, and she can't be dragged into this."

Niall said as I heard a loud bang. Someone must've punched a locker, must've been Niall. He looked pissed when I turned away. 

I sped-walked all the way to the ladies room. When I got inside, I plopped my bag on the counter and took out my phone. 35 more minutes until my next class, and I can't stay in here for long but I didn't want to go back out there. 

I ran the tap and splashed water onto my face. My first day back at school and I'm already stressed out, badly. 

I picked up my bag and took a deep breath. All I needed to do was sprint to the library, they probably won't be in there. I smashed open the girls bathroom door and raced around the corner, slamming into a hard body. As we collided, I flew backwards and hit the floor, sending my books scattering. I slowly looked up to see a firmiliar smirk and forest green eyes. It was the boy who first spotted me. 

"Woah, watch where your going Love. Wouldn't want to hurt that pretty little body of yours now can we?" 

He said rising an eyebrow. He passed out his hand, hinting for me to take it so he can help me up. I refused his help and picked up my books. I stood up and huffed. I went to walk past him, but he caught my wrist and whispered in my ear. 

"Call me Harry. And you, must be Rosie. Liam and Niall have told me all about you. And judging by your reputation, we are going to have a year to remember."

I froze in my tracks. Did he really just say that? Oh my god. I ripped my wrist away and started running. I took Harry by surprise so he didn't have time to catch me before I was out of view and couldn't be found. I ran into the library and hid behind one of the back main shelves where the biographies were. I slid down onto the floor and closed my eyes. What type of school is this? 


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