Little Bird

Rosie is the new girl at Holmes Chapel High. Rosie is a straight A, top of her class, good girl. But will 5 perticular boys be able to change that?

Gangs. The Black Cobras and The South Court. These 2 gangs are the most feared in all of Holmes Chapel and England for that matter. No one will dare mess with them. These 2 gangs are rivals and will fight to take what they want from each other. They are complete bad boys and have very dark pasts that scare other people into cowering at their presence. After a while, Rosie is done dealing with their bullshit, will she crack or stand strong?

Will Rosie be able to keep up a clean, good girl act or will she let wild and break some rules. Find out in 'Little Bird'.


3. ~*~Chapter Three~*~

Hello my lovelies! Thanks for reading again! Please read the end notes!

*****Saturday Morning*****
****Rosie's POV****
My feet hit the pavement, pounding into the ground. I kept pushing my self harder and harder, I couldn't stop, not now. I was too far ahead to fall behind. 0.3 of a mile left and I reach 5 miles. Of course, then I have to run back to my flat. But this is my routine and I needed to stcik to it, no matter where I moved to.

As I rounded the corner of the old pathway I was taking, I heard a voice. It wasn't a scream, nor was it a girl. It was deffently the voice of a man that does not want to be messed with. I skidded to a stop and hid behind a tree. I didn't want to be noticed since this town is home to 2 of the most dangerous gangs. 

"Leave her the hell alone. She is Zayn's, not yours."

I heard the voice more clearly this time so I could make out the distinct words they were saying. After a while, a different, husky voice reaponded.

"Now you see, I cannot do that. She is too fragile to let her slip through my hands. And we all know how I like broken dolls."

I could almost hear the smirk in his voice. This voice that I reconized all too well. I had had his sickly words from our last encounter still stuck in my head. It was Harry. 

"Oh, but you will. Or else hell will break loose due to Zayn not getting what he wants. And we all know what happens when he doesn't get what he wants..."

This voice was different. I haden't heard it in this conversation becore but I reconized te accent. It was Irish. It can't be Niall, can it? No. As I went to prove myself wrong by peeking out from behind the tree I was hiding against, someone put their hand over my mouth, covering my screams. 

"Shhhh... Its okay.. I got you.. Breath in and breath out for me Babe."

The man said still covering my hand over my mouth. I felt a wet rag clamp over my mouth as he spoke his words. Shit. It couldn't be, could it? Damnit, it was one of the things I hoped it wouldn't be, chloroform. 

*****Hours Later*****
****Rosie's POV****

I opened my eyes to a massive headache. I leaned up, but my head started to throb so I leaned back down. All of a sudden, I realized. Where the hell am I? Thts when I reconized the blue swirled bedding and neon blue walls. How did I get in my room? 

*****A Week Later*****Play the song to the right----------------------------------------------------->
****Rosie's POV****
I walked down the halls of this terrible school. Lately everyone has been staring at me. I don't know what I have done to draw the attention, but I want it to stop. It makes me feel like everyone is picking out every indiviual flaw that I have. Its degrading. 

So far Niall and Liam haven't been at school all last week, but there is rumor that they are here today. Also Harry and his blue-eyed friend haven't been here either. Thank god. 

I walked into class just as the bell rang. I took my seat in the back, as usual. I put my head down on the table and closed my eyes. I didn't want to be here. I don't think anyone wanted to be here. All of a sudden, i felt a light tap on my shoulder. I turned to where that person was and was met with brown eyes. Liam.


Was all he said. So I simply replied a general response back.


Of course I knew something was up. I could see the frustration in his eyes. 

"Okay, spill it Payne. What do you really want to say?"

I said groaning. I didn't want to hear the bullshit lies that he was about to tell me. 

"Don't go near Harry. He is dangerous."

Liam said looking at me sternly. By the way he purshed his lips, I knew he wasn't kidding. I should've left it at that but I just couldn't.

"And you aren't dangerous? I saw you let that kid punch Harry. I also heard Niall talking in the park with Harry, and I bet you were there too, weren't you?"

I whispered to him, trying not to interrupt the lesson going on in class at that moment.

"I never said I wasn't dangerous. Now, shhhhh. You'll interupt the class."

Liam responded. Then its clicked. The way Liam just said 'Shhhh'. It was the same type of voice of the guy at the park who chloroformed me. Holy shit. It wasn't just anyone who chloroformed me, it was Liam.

"Holy shit. It was you wasn't it?"

I said grabbing Liam's arm to spin him around and look at me. I didn't have to explain any further. He knew what I was talking about, I could see his regret in his eyes.

"You thought I wouldn't find out it was you?! You thought I wouldn't reconize your voice?! Why the hell would you do that to me? You could've just let me walk away, away. But no, you had to control my life and what I was doing. I can't believe you!"

I almost screamed in his face. The teacher heard me, but didn't make a move to stop me. He must be scared of Liam like everyone else. 

"Listen Rosie, you heard too much thats why I had to do it. I had no choice. Now calm down befo-" 

Liam started to say before I interrupted him. 

"NO! You always have a choice, it just matters if you pick the right one or not! And I will not damn well calm down!" 

I screamed at him. Now the whole class was staring at us, including the teacher. He didn't look pleased, but he didn't interupt my rant. I looked around at everyone. They must think I'm crazy. I don't blame them. I looked back at Liam. He looked mortified. 

I suddenly stood up. Pushing out my chair and grabbing my bag and books. I took one more glance at Liam before I reached into my bag and grabbed my sunglasses. I went to walk out of the room before I skidded to a stop and spun around. 

"Oh, and Payne. Fuck you."

I called out to Liam as I flipped him off. I shot him a bitchy smile and put on my sunglasses. Then, before I could storm out of the classroom completely, the unexpected happened. The whole class started clapping. They were clapping. I thought everyone would think of me as a stuck up bitch by now, but no. I guess it was because someone finally stuck up to Liam and put him in his place. I shot the class a smile and curtsied before making my way out of the classroom completely and down the halls of the school. 

I threw open the back doors of this awful school to the parking lot. The breeze hit me like a brick wall. Although it was cold, I didn't make a move to put on my jacket. I just kept walking, not really knowing where I was going. I walked to my car and set my stuff in the backseat. I jumped into the drivers seat and slammed my door close. I couldn't go home now, my brother would know that I skipped my classes and think something is up. I don't need him nosing around in my personal life at this point. 

I turned my eyes in the ignition and drove to the only place that I know I can tolerate at this point. 

The Gym.
Hello again! Okay, so I know there isn't a lot of the other boys except for Liam right now but I am leading up to them I promise! I just need the suspense to grow! Anyways here are some questions that are probably going through your beautiful minds!

Why would Liam chlorofyorm her?

What is Liam and the rest of the boys hiding?

How did Rosie get back in her room after being chlorofyormed?

Why is Rosie going to the gym?

Haha. So, I shall answer some these questions in the next few chapters! Stay tuned my Beautiful Directioners! 
~Eleanor Xxx

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