Little Bird

Rosie is the new girl at Holmes Chapel High. Rosie is a straight A, top of her class, good girl. But will 5 perticular boys be able to change that?

Gangs. The Black Cobras and The South Court. These 2 gangs are the most feared in all of Holmes Chapel and England for that matter. No one will dare mess with them. These 2 gangs are rivals and will fight to take what they want from each other. They are complete bad boys and have very dark pasts that scare other people into cowering at their presence. After a while, Rosie is done dealing with their bullshit, will she crack or stand strong?

Will Rosie be able to keep up a clean, good girl act or will she let wild and break some rules. Find out in 'Little Bird'.


1. ~*~Chapter One~*~

Thanks for reading! Its one of my first fanfics so I hope you enjoy it! 

-Eleanor <3


January 8th, 2013, the first Monday back at school since the Christmas Break. I just moved to Holmes Chapel, England from Whales, United Kingdom. Moving means changing everything. My house, school, friends, life, reputation, and appearance. Nothing major, right? Just a few changes? Wrong. Everything is completely changed. Especially my reputation. The new girl. Thats what I'm known as. The 3 words everyone despises. Who likes being called 'The New Girl' anyway? Oh yeah, I forgot, no one. Especially me. 

I sighed as I pulled my favorite lacy, pink Top Shop Tee over my head and adjusted it into place to make it snug. I loved this shirt to bits and I wore it on the first day of every new school I went to. It was like my good luck charm. It had helped me get through over 10 first days at news schools. I pulled on my pretty, white flower sandals and pinned part of my long, brown wavy hair in a waterfall braid. I grabbed my new iPhone 5 off of my bedroom counter and grabbed my shoulder sling, book bag off of my beige carpet. I stomped down the stairs to find a note on the kitchen counter. 

Good morning Rosie! Sorry I couldn't be there for your 1st day of your new school! So, as a pick-me-up, here is £20 and there is directions to a Starbucks programmed into your car GPS. Don't be late for school! Love ya kid!

Gosh, my brother knows me and my coffee so well. I grabbed the £20 dollar note and my car keys to my blue BMW. I quickly rushed out the front door, locking it shut and sprinted down the porch steps. I escalated from a walk to a slow jog. I needed to get my coffee in time and still get to the school administration office early. 

I jumped into my car, quickly flipping the car keys making my engine roar to life. I backed out of my driveway, and through the front gates of my new neighborhood. I followed my GPS along my 10 minute drive to Starbucks. I parked my car in the nearest parking spot to the enterance and sprinted inside to get in line before the morning business people came in for their morning coffee. I was queued in front of a group of 3 very attractive boys. I tried my best not to stare and just glance out of the corner of my eye until it was my turn to order my coffee. 

"Hello Miss, what would you like?"

A very fit boy with boy sandy, brown hair asked me. 

"A chocolate Frappè with whipped cream, please."

I told him taking out my £20 dollar note until he reached across the counter and gently guided my hand to put my money away.

"No need Love, since I've never seen you before so your obvisusly new, this one is on the me."

All of a sudden a deep, pink blush crept upon my cheeks at his cuteness.

"Thank you, ermm.."

I started to look for his nametag but it wasn't there. 


He replied before I could embarass myself even more. 

"Josh, nice to meet you, my name is Rosie, Rosie Teasdale." 

I said as he wrote my name on my coffee cup. I waved goodbye as I picked up my wallet off the counter and went to the To-Go section of the little coffee shop. I waited for about 3 minutes until they finally passed me my Frappé. I walked out of the shop drinking my Frappé and hoping that everyone at school would be as welcoming as Josh. At this point, I can only hope.


I walked into the tall, red brick building. As I entered through the metal doors, everyone stopped and stared. Girls were glaring at me, boys were winking, and others were whispering about me. They must not get new kids often. All of a sudden a tall, slim girl with brown, wavy hair and flawless features walks up to me.

"Hi! You must be the new girl Rosie! My name is Eleanor! Nice to meet you!" 

She almost yelled joyfully. Well at least someone put effort into making me feel comfortable. I passed Eleanor my hand for a handshake, but she denied it and pulled me into a bone crushing hug. We both started giggling. When we pulled away, I finally got to respond to Eleanor's first statement.

"Hey! I see you already know about me but how?" 

I asked her a bit confused while quirking my eyebrow.

"Oh, we don't get a lot of new kids. So when we do, they are the talk of the school weeks before they even come. Usually it's the same routine, the new kid walks into school, the populars put them in their place, and everything is back to normal! But with you, your different. No one has dared to touch you or bully you into a cornor until you undertsand that your a misfit."

Eleanor replied all in one breath.  I was confused and surprised. What did she mean by I haven't been harrassed? Is it not normal to not be harrassed? Whats wrong with me? I mean I'm not that attractive to catch a guy's attention. I am 5'5" with long, light brown wavy hair. I don't wear a lot of make-up and I don't have boobs, a butt, or curves. I'm as straight as a stick from all those years of training for gymnastics. Also, I work out so much, it's practically shut down my hormones and stopped me from growing womanly features like curves. 

Suddenly, the bell rang and the hallways started to clear out. Shit, I'm late on the first day and I still have to get my times table from the administration. 

"Damn, I'm gonna be late. See you around, yeah?" 

Eleanor said while backing away to get to class.

"Yeah, see you Eleanor!" 

"Call me El!"

She yelled back waving before she walked into a classroom. 

I started to walk the other way in search of the administration office. Since the school was huge, I tound it after about 10 minutes. I walked in to be greeted by a young women with red hair.  

"How may I help you?"

The receptionist asked me with a warming smile.

"Um, hi. I'm new here, so where should I get my times table?"

I asked her a little nervous. She slowly caught onto what I had said and her face lit up.

"You must be Miss. Rosie Teasdale! I'm Miss. Holly!" 

She said all too joyfully for a person who had a job dealing with annoying, hormonal teenagers all day long. She reached before her desk and raked through files until she found the papers she was looking for. She spun her chair back around to face me. 

"Here is your times table and a map of the school. Next to the classes are the building numbers so you can find them easier, good luck!"

Miss. Holly said passing me my papers. I quickly shuffled through the papers to get my times table. I gave her a smile, then exited. 

I stood in front of my new 1st period classroom and took a deep breath. Here goes nothing.


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