Little Bird

Rosie is the new girl at Holmes Chapel High. Rosie is a straight A, top of her class, good girl. But will 5 perticular boys be able to change that?

Gangs. The Black Cobras and The South Court. These 2 gangs are the most feared in all of Holmes Chapel and England for that matter. No one will dare mess with them. These 2 gangs are rivals and will fight to take what they want from each other. They are complete bad boys and have very dark pasts that scare other people into cowering at their presence. After a while, Rosie is done dealing with their bullshit, will she crack or stand strong?

Will Rosie be able to keep up a clean, good girl act or will she let wild and break some rules. Find out in 'Little Bird'.


4. ~*~Chapter Four~*~

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I floored my car down the highway. Speeding way past the speed limit. I didn't know why I was so mad, I just was. I was like a time bomb, and after all this time, I finally went off.

I guess I was tired of people treating me like a child. Ever since my mum and dad died when I was 13, it has been my brother Andrew and I. Even though I love Andrew to bits, he can be overprotective and bossy at times. I love him for how he stepped up to support him and I at the young age of 17. He is my hero, but at the same time, he is my worst enemy. He doesn't let me live my final teenage years. He won't let me party, make mistakes, get my heart broken, or be free. He keeps me reserved and in line. I don't want to be known as that little good girl, for once I want to be known as something unforgettable. The wild girl that still knew when to draw the line. Even though I'm 17 and in year 11, I don't want to grow up and be responsible, I want to let loose for my last few years that I can. And Andrew has to understand that.

I pulled the sleek, black BMW's throttle into reverse as I backed into the nearest parking spot. I quickly parked my car and grabbed my extra gym bag from the boot of my car. My parking job is terrible. My car is taking up two parking spots but I don't care. I ran into the gym and quickly paid for a 1 month membership. I would probably be visiting here a lot due to stress from school and everything so why not.

I ran into the female locker room and got a locker. I changed into my spandex shorts from old gym visits and my freshman cheer shirt. I put my hair into a perfect high, ponytail and added a cute bow to match my clothing. I locked the rental locker and ran to the gym entrance. After looking around at all the equipment for a while, I saw a mat. I started easy with push-ups and sit ups.

After about 3 hours non-stop, I had done hundreds of sit-up and jumping jacks to last me a life time. I finished my training for the day by searching for the treadmills. I was about to give up, before I saw two big, heavy doors.

I immediately pushed open the doors to reveal a big boxing ring and many punching bags. There were some big sweaty guys punching the bags and sparing with each other. It smelt terrible in that room. I walked in, hoping to find someone to point me in the direction of the treadmills.

I slowly walked up to the boxing ring where two men were fighting. I just stood and watched these men. They both looked familiar by I couldn't point my finger on it.

"If it isn't Mrs. Bad ass. I heard about the stunt you pulled in class. Walking out and telling Liam to fuck off. That's golden."

I turned around and was greeted with the smirk of someone I did not want to see. Harry Styles.  

"What the hell do you want?"

I asked, groaning. I jutted out my hip and crossed my arms over my chest. I didn't want to deal with his shit, i just wanted to find the treadmills.  

"Whoa. Babe. It's more like what do you want. You are in my territory. My gym. My arena. Why are you here anyways?"   Harry asked me stepping closer. I stepped back. I didn't want him near me.   

"I'm just looking for the treadmills. Where are they?"  

I asked subtly. Like it was the most obvious thing in the world.  

"Well sweetheart, the treadmills are on the 2nd floor, room 217."  

Harry said smiling. He flashed me his dimples. Gosh, they were adorable. No, I can't think that. He can't be adorable to me.   


I grumbled back, barely audible. I walked past him out the doors of the boxing room and straight to the stairs.  

I got on the treadmill and pushed the button's speed to a light jog. I turned my music up in my ears and blasted Cold-Play.   

All of a sudden, my treadmill stopped and I went flying forward into the control panel of it. I tried to stop myself before I could hurt myself severely, but it was too late. I hit my ribs on the control panel and went crashing down to the floor. That was when I blacked out. 

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