Crazy Life: A 1D FanFiction

Life is crazy for Jessica and Louis (BF and GF). They have two twins Isabelle and Jacob. There are so many things happening in their home, babies crying, Louis' parents were over for 2 weeks, and more that you will have to read about. Read to see the "shocking" out come.


2. Parents


*Louis Pov*

 My mom and Jessica's parents are coming to our place to helps with the kids. It will be nice to have them help out, me and Jessica could have some alone time. Jessica and I were laying on the bed with Isabelle and Jacob. I was holding Isabelle, I was in a moment. I got interrupted by Jessica, "Your son just laied a stink bomb. "Hahaha, and you think im going to change it dont you." "Please?" Jessica asked with a puckered out lip. Ugggg fine. "Thanks babe"

*Jessica's Pov*

 Louis just went to change Jacobs diaper. Now its my turn to cuddle with my baby girl. Isabelle started to cry, she was tired. I put her in her crib. Louis came in with Jacob. "Im going to put him to bed. "Ok" I replied. He came back in our room. He sat down beside me and pecked my cheek. "I love you boo" Lou said. "Love you too" I replied and pecked his lips.

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