Crazy Life: A 1D FanFiction

Life is crazy for Jessica and Louis (BF and GF). They have two twins Isabelle and Jacob. There are so many things happening in their home, babies crying, Louis' parents were over for 2 weeks, and more that you will have to read about. Read to see the "shocking" out come.


3. A Little Helping Hand

*Jessica's Pov* Today my parents are coming to our house to help out. Louis' mom is coming tomorrow. I'm a little nervous that I am getting to see my parents. The last time I saw them was before i got pregnant. I hope my dad will be nice to Lou, he has never really been nice to any of my boyfriends that i have had in the past. *Louis' Pov* Jessica's parents are coming over today for a week. I hope they will like me... **Knock Knock** I opened the door with Isabelle in my hands, "Hello you must be Louis?" Jessicas mom asked. "Yes ma'am" I replied. She hugged me tight. " Is this the baby???!!!" "Yea, one of them" i told her. "There is two????!!!!!" She asked in excitement. "Yup" "Ohhh, can I hold her?" "Sure thing!" "You must be my daughters boy friend" a person with a deep voice said...
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