My One Direction Romance

Hi guys:) this is my first fan fictions story I hope you guys like it!:)
Heather is a teenage girl who lives with her mom.The two move to a new neighborhood and what she doesnt know is that one if the boys from one direction(Niall Horan) lives right down the street. Find out what happends when heather meets Niall and hangs out with him a little.


1. Moving In

"O look Heather" my mom said referring to the group of teens as we drove by on our way to our new house. " They look about your age maybe you can go and introduce yourself, go make some friends." My mom always thought that i should "go and make friends" but honestly there would be no point. In no time my mom will find a man, flirt, go on dates,date,fight and break up. For my mom that means its tome to pack up and move to a different place again. It always happends so i never try to get close to anyone. " yeah mom" i reply not paying any attention to the group outside. "Alright were here" she said. We pull into a long driveway of a pretty large stone house. It was quite nice actually. We had gotten out of the car and started unloading when one of moms smaller bags had fallen out and rolled down onto the side walk. " ugh hello there i think you may have dropped your bag" we turned to see a tall man who had an irish accent with brown hair and blue eyes and who seemed to be around his late 30s. "Why thank you " my mom said in a flirty tone. Really? We didnt even put one foot into the house yet and she is already flirting with the neighbors. "My name is Teresa and this is my daughter Heather she's 16" " why hello there its nice to meet you, im Greg and right over there is my brother Niall he is 19. He is in the band called One Dirction! Hey niall come over here for a second please." He yelled over to his Brother.

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