My One Direction Romance

Hi guys:) this is my first fan fictions story I hope you guys like it!:)
Heather is a teenage girl who lives with her mom.The two move to a new neighborhood and what she doesnt know is that one if the boys from one direction(Niall Horan) lives right down the street. Find out what happends when heather meets Niall and hangs out with him a little.


4. hanging out with Niall

I walked past big houses,little houses and parks. I took some pictures of things i saw interesting or that i liked. Then i noticed a big beautiful willow tree in the middle of a rather large field. I took a picture from far away then i walked over to it. I stopped before climbing up and just looked at it. It was so pretty, tall and even though it was the only thing in the field for everyone to see it was so private. I started to climb up higher and higher until I thought it was a good enough spot and sat on a sturdy branch. I looked around in amazement you could honestly see everything from up here. I snapped a few more pictures. "wow' i said out loud."its an amazing view isn't it?" i herd and Irish accent coming from below i looked down to see it was the guy from this morning. Niall. " i used to sit up there when i was a wee lad with my guitar and write music or maybe to just get away for a bit. I still do actually that's kind of why i'm here care if i join you?" He asked smiling as a gorgeous white smile appeared on his face. " uh yeah sure c'mon up" i said. He climbed up and sat right beside me. " so how do you like it so far?" he asked i could tell he wasn't the shy type. "well I guess it's alright, I mean aside from the group of people standing around all day" " oh, may I ask what happend?" i explained to Niall what went on and everything that what said even the part where i called him snobby. I told I'm that when i said it i wasn't thinking. "well hopefully you don't still think i'm snobby now" he said chuckling. It was actually kind of cute. Maybe he was too..."no i don't. Sorry for saying that." i said looking down at my camera "It's fine and.. I'm not her's." "what" i replied looking up at him." you said that she said that i was her's" "oh yeah.." "well I'm not i don't know why she keep's telling people that. We dated last summer but it ended" "oh.. I'm sorry" i said. "No don't be it's completely okay i couldn't deal with her, eventually i realized how ugly of a person she was on the inside" "oh". I'm not really the talkative type when i first meet people but today was different. I actually talked to Niall a lot. He's honestly pretty cool for being the type of person i wouldn't usually talk to. We sat and talked for a while. About a lot. Our families,lives,relationships. It was nice. It was getting dark and i wanted to get home before curfew. " do you know what time it is my phone died" " It's almost 10:00 we better get back curfews at 10. You should give me your cell number I'd like to do this again." He said climbing down. " yeah sure" i said with a smile. I put my number in his phone then. "Mind if i walk you home? I want to make sure you get in safe" "yeah If you want" i said smiling once again. I cant believe how much i smiled ad laughed today it was kind of unusual for me. We got to my front door and stopped. "well thanks for hanging out and talking today. and for walking me home." i said looking down. "yeah no problem, anyways i liked talking to you it was a lot of fun." I smiled "yeah." He started walking away, "oh and you should smile more... you have a beautiful smile." he said smiling. It felt like a whole swarm of butterflies in my stomach. "Thanks you do too Niall". He smiled again as he turned around and put his hands into his pockets disappearing into the darkness.

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