My One Direction Romance

Hi guys:) this is my first fan fictions story I hope you guys like it!:)
Heather is a teenage girl who lives with her mom.The two move to a new neighborhood and what she doesnt know is that one if the boys from one direction(Niall Horan) lives right down the street. Find out what happends when heather meets Niall and hangs out with him a little.


3. chapter 3

Hey everyone! sorry about stuff being removed and added randomly. i got confused with everything when i was putting it in. and O MY GOD NIALL GOT HIS BRACES OFF YESTERDAY!! im so happy for him he seems to be smiling a lot more.:) he is so perfect. Hes always been perfect before braces during braces and after braces. i just love the guy!<3 well here's chapter 3!

Most places i go i like to explore and take pictures of things to try to get to know the place better.I was walking down the road i had my headphones in my hand when i herd someone shout to get my attention. I looked to the side of the road to see that it was one of the snobby girls. "yeah?" i yelled. " Your that new girl that just moved in" the girl with the Blonde hair said walking over making a face at what i was wearing. "I thought it was a bit obvious" i said. " whatever, anyways I'm Megan, and the sexy blonde Irish boy who lives a few doors down Niall, yeah hes mine so stay away.But for him i don't think that would be a problem your not his type." she said in a bitchy tone. i gave her a look. "well Megan, you can have him its not like i would be interested in any of your snobby little friends or him." i said referring to her little 'possy' standing on the opposite side of the road. I didn't think Niall was actually snobby it's just that i have a problem with speaking before i think that's what gets me in trouble most of the time. " ugh whatever you ugly freak" she said clearly offended. " shut up stupid bitch" i bit back. That word "freak" didn't bother me just the ugly part i tried not to make it obvious though. I put my headphones in an walked away.

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