My One Direction Romance

Hi guys:) this is my first fan fictions story I hope you guys like it!:)
Heather is a teenage girl who lives with her mom.The two move to a new neighborhood and what she doesnt know is that one if the boys from one direction(Niall Horan) lives right down the street. Find out what happends when heather meets Niall and hangs out with him a little.


2. chapter 2

Niall came jogging over to where we were standing. He was wearing a white tank top that showed part of his chest and a pair of dark skinny jeans. " What up Greg, O hello im Niall" the blonde boy with blue eyes to die for said putting his hand out for a shake. " its very nice to meet you both." My mom and i introduced ourselves as a woman with blonde hair came over. "This is my wife Denise" Greg said introducing his wife. "Thank god!" I whispered to myself."welcome to the neighborhood ladies" Denise said with a smile. "Well we will let you get settled in goodbye" Greg said waving as they said their goodbyes. Mom and i got everything in the house by the time we where done it had been 3:00 in the afternoon. I dont remember the last time my mother and i had gone out for lunch or dinner or any kind of meal together. So i decided to ask her. " hey mom?" I was kind of hesitant about it. Im not sure why but part of the reason was probably because all we do is fight. We see a councelor  to help us get along we have been doing okay i guess. She tells us to try to get some bonding in to help build our relationship."yeah" she replied." Do you want go grab something to eat maybe..together?" She looked up at me i could tell she knew i was trying. After my dad had died our relationship died along with him. We got to the diner and got our meals. The whole time we the it was silent, other than when i asked her what something was or what she wanted. We left the diner and went straight home and i noticed the the group of teenagers my mom had mentioned earlier. They seemed like the type of girls who are spoiled rotten and are total bitches to everyone. You know the type that had all the cute clothes and boyfriends and just seemed to have everything perfect. Yeah im nothing like that. I got made fun of all the time for not "having the right clothes" or for not having many friends. I just rolled my eyes. We got into the house and my mom had went out to the kitchen "mom im going out" i yelled grabbing my bag and camera." Heather please dont get into trouble the first night" she said. " i wont" i said walking out closing the door behind me.

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