Emily is a 17 year old girl who has a pretty normal life, but her parents always like to make things fun so they decide its time for a family boat trip. She isnt excited about this trip at all, and when a thunderstorm breaks loose it gets even worse. Then she gets stranded on an island. what happens when a group of 5 boys also get stranded there???? Read to find out!!!!!


1. Family trip

" Come on kids, are you ready?" my mom screamed. "Im ready" my older brother Josh yelled. i grabed my bag and headed down stairs. "Can you carry this out to the car Emily?" my dad said handing me the cooler that had all the drinks and food in it. I was lucky cuz it had wheels so it was easier to carry. I rolled it out to the car and put it in the trunck and hopped in. I had to sit in between my older brother Josh and younger brother Seth. Time of my life. At least Josh was listening to his music so he wouldnt bother me that much. I dont know why were going on this stupid trip anyways. My mom must be crazy. We had to drive for two hours to get to the dock. We were going on a boat trip in the ocean for a few days, my mom thought it would be fun. I was really tired because we had to wake up at 7 in the morning. So i decided to go to sleep.

(at the dock)

"WAKE UP EM!!" Seth screamed at me." What do you want" I said annoyed. " Its time to get on the boat" he said really excited. "yay" i said sarcastically while hoping out of the car. I sat on the boat and put my headphones in and turned on one direction. This is going to be the most boring 7 days of my life.

(******A/N********Hi guysss! this is my first fanfic so please no hate! but i hope you like it so far, and i will update hopefully almost everyday!!! ENJOY)

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