Emily is a 17 year old girl who has a pretty normal life, but her parents always like to make things fun so they decide its time for a family boat trip. She isnt excited about this trip at all, and when a thunderstorm breaks loose it gets even worse. Then she gets stranded on an island. what happens when a group of 5 boys also get stranded there???? Read to find out!!!!!


2. 1st day on the Boat

We just left the dock and all that was in front of us was water. Just water nothing else. I was stuck on this stupid ocean for a week. This is going to be the worst week of my life. At least we rented a good boat. It was really big and had a bathroom, kitchen and a bed on it.(a/n dont know much about boats, kinda made that up.) My dad was driving while my mom was down stairs in the kitchen. i dont know what she was doing. Seth was playing on his ipod, I think he was playing angry birds because i could hear the sounds it was so annoying. Josh was sleeping at the front of the boat. I was so bored I wish I could have brought my best friend Tori she would have made it more fun. But i couldnt because she was going to a one direction concert this week. She was such a big directioner. She was like obsessed. I mean I liked them, i mean i listen to there music but i dont stalk them, or anything, i dont know there every fact i just like there one song What Makes you Beautiful. I was listening to it right now. "Can we eat now?" Seth asked. " Im starving, what did you bring to eat?" Josh asked looking through the cooler. " I brought sandwiches" mom said."Just sandwiches?" I said. "Yes. Is that a problem?" my mom asked "Oh my gosh, I dont want to eat sandwiches for the next seven days" I said annoyed. " We can catch fish too" my dad budged in. "Fine" i said grabbing a sandwich. I was upset about having to be on this trip and now that were eating the same thing for the next week. I ate my sandwich and then got suddenly really tired. So i decided to go to bed. I went to the cabin and layed down in my bed and thought how much fun Tori is going to have at the concert on Friday, today was Monday so there was still a few days but it was still going to be more fun than sitting on this stupid boat. Before I knew it I was asleep

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