Eyes That See Into Infinity {Michael Clifford}

Just a teenage girl ,starting a new life in a far away Australia.


1. Hiya to my new life adventure

Being a 16 year old ,17 year old I should say isn't that easy.I think you all know it.But at least I'm starting over.Since my parents divorced ,and my mom getting a job here in Aussie guess I should give it a go.Maybe one day I'll live my dream.Who knows.

I'm a single child ,so I'm pretty much on my own.I do miss company sometimes ,and sometimes I love being the only child.I love singing,it's my passion all my life ,my parents even made me go to singing lessons,opera.If you get me."Jesy" I heard my mom shout , "yes mom" I answered as I pulled my earphones out. "Come to the kitchen ,Indian is for dinner" Well then ,I should eat.My footsteps weren't very loud but I wasn't quiet ether. "Mmm" i commented as i watched my mum bring our food to the living room.What's the point of goin to the kitchen then?Might as well get some drink.

"You know how you said you want a pool" I heard my mom mumble as she ate while I changed the channel on the tv ,"yeahh" I put a cheeky puppy face smile on "well you're getting it ,i realised it's too hot here" SAY WHAT "AYYYE" i yelled as I almost chocked. "It's pretty expensive ,but it's worth it" I heard her say. "Omg ,thank you" I screamed . "calm ,calm" my mom whispered so she'd shut me up.Well this is gonna be a fun time




A Beautiful Lie lyrics got me as I was ,in a deep sleep-at least i thought I was.Leaning on my elbows and dragging my face over my pillow was the first thing I did , and sing to my alarm. Such a beautiful song ,such a beautiful day.Walked like a zombie to my mirror ,don't i look pretty (sarcasm -i don't ,ever). I did my usual mornin rutine ,got dressed in basic skinny jeans with martens and a  floral top & a boyfriend blazer.I did my hair and makeup lightly cause I don't know how school really works here in Australia.I got my leather backpack and went downstairs with my phone in my hands tweeting First day in an Aussie school #nervous ."Mom I'm leaving" And then I remembered she's out "never mind" i mumbled and left the house.I walked to school cause I have no idea why mom took the car.

The school ,so many kids ,so many groups.I walked nervously with a big smile on my face to the principle ,looking around a bit."Miss Brooks?" An elder woman said as I walked through the glass door. "Yeah,hi" I added as she looked at me from head to toe."Mr.Smith Is expecting you" she spoke as she gave a light smile and showed me the doors.I nodded and went in."Hello,I'm Jesy,the new student"I said as I walked in ,seeing a what it look like a very cool principle."Hi Jesy ,nice to meet you." He smiled and shoke my hand."Nice to meet you too" I smiled and walked closer as he said i should sit.I've spent 30 minutes i think ,he was talking about the school roles,and everything."Well it was nice meting you,I should head to class" I got up from the chair and grabbed my bag."Yeah ,take this paper & give it to Mrs.Davis she'll give you all the books" He smiled as he opened the doors for me."Goodbye" i added and walked over to the table that said Mrs.Davis ,it was the same woman i talked earlier."I was told you'll give me all the books I need?" I asked as she turned around."Yeah,and you'll get a locker too.Wait a second." She disapeared for a minute and than came back with loads of books and the keys on the end of the pile."Thank you" i walked out trying to hold my balance.Nobody was walking by ,everyone was in class i guess.I looked for my locker and than got all the books in there.With just math & science in my hands.I sat ,more leaned on the window as I waited for class to end and spent the whole time on twitter.I had 3 mentions; @Keth19 @Jesy_EB aww good luck babe!  @Dani90 @Jesy_EB don't be nervous! @EmilyM @Jesy_EB babe!! good luck (,we miss ya bby )<3

and just when I wanted to replay to Emily the bell went on.I'm gonna die.

"gosh i hate this guy" "omf who let him in this school" "who is she" "way to ruin a day"  is all i could hear ,I waited for a bit for everyone to get out ,standing in front of the doors cause I got up and than I realised uniforms.I didn't have one.Shit just got awkward.I took my phone out cause i felt vibration and saw one missed call Emily

She's gonna deffo kill me.But I have class,so i texted back class!call u later baba x I got to the classroom,everyone was already sitting "Hell-" I said with a smile but the teacher interrupted me."that's right ,hell" i heard someone mumble as he walked in."You must be miss.Brooks ,I'm David Brook,math teacher as you might noticed" the man said ,he seemed weird,but what do I know."Yeah I am." I replied "You can take a seat where ever you want ,you have a free seat in the back too" he added and I turned around but than he said " This is Jesy,your new classmate" wHY

when the awkward hi's passed the hell started ,i liked the back ,I could be on twitter if we did something boring.+There was that guy that commented the hell of my hello.I couldn't see his face tho,he had earphones.But the one who was next to him was fit.

As the bell went on,everyone rushed out,including me.I haven't actually talked,except with some Even guy,who said hi and asked where I'm from.As I was walking over to my locker,with my books in one hand and phone in the other I crashed into someone, you gotta be kiddin me. "oh ,sorry" I said as I went to pick up my book that fell down,but he got it with his left hand.As i lifted my head I realised it was the guy from math ,I could actually see his face! He was so beautiful oh my gosh.

"It's nothing ,really" he smiled and we got up."Sorry" i made one of my derp faces.He just laughed "no uniform hah? already breaking rules" He commented i kinda blushed."haha,I didn't know you guys wear uniforms o" i added smiling ,and opened my locker."Yeah we do,and we hate it ,well some mostly me and my friends,the others think it's a great thing cause you don't have to worry about how you look" he rolled his eyes as he locked his locker,guess his is pretty close to mine."Don't forget band prac at mine at 8" He said to a guy who tapped his back,than I remembered.They're 5 Seconds Of Summer. Omg. I watched them on YouTube.I smiled as I left the books and turned to him again."You're 5 Seconds Of Summer" I added with a grin."hah,we're 5 Seconds Of Summer."He smiled as he took his leather jacket."How did you know?" He asked."I watch you guys on youtube!" I took my phone out."Wow,that's nice to hear." he said staring at my soul.At least it felt like it.I was crushin on him.Hard.

"But don't think I'm some fangirl,even tho I know you boys love that! I'm just really impressed with your talent" I said as we started walking down the hallway."Sure" he smiled and winked."anyways where do I get my uniform?" I asked giggling."You shouldn't ask for it.I'd love to be able to go in leather jackets,beanies,or  jeans in school!" 

"I should go to class" I added with a sad derp face."Go,go! Wait ,we didn't introduce ourselves" He said ."Jesy" i smiled and so did he "Clifford" I got to my class and he went home i guess.

"Class I'm afraid you won't be having this period.I have to go." the woman said,and I was so happy.I just stormed out and went home,"wait Jes"i heard someone yell.I turned around and saw Michael,with Luke and some girl.He ran over to me.

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