Eyes That See Into Infinity {Michael Clifford}

Just a teenage girl ,starting a new life in a far away Australia.


2. Give Me A Second I (i changed the info)

"Hey ,wait for me!" His tick australian accent spoke."Waiting" I said laughing. "Thank you" He said as he got to me ,tapping my back and leaning so he could breath."What's the matter babe ,too afraid to go home alone?"  i teased as he gave me the death look."Kidding , c'mon" I pulled his hand ,and turned right by the path."Where do you live anyways?" I asked putting my sunglasses on."you know the house with the big bus?" He asked "Yeah ,that's kinda my street ,not the bus though" I added with a smile."Oh really?That's great news" He smiled."I'm down the street then" and added."Guess so" I smiled as I looked at the ground ,shooting a little rock that was right in front of me."why did you agreed math is hell though?" I asked turning to him."cause it is" He flashed a little smile/laugh. "it's not the most interesting subject but it's okay" i responded. "right" he said."shut up" i giggled."anyways are you uploading any new covers soon?" I asked looking up at him."we may" He smiled."thanks for the details" i spoke sarcastically."C'mon.We're uploading soon,and it may or may not be a new unreleased song." he said with a BIG grin."Well that'wss good to hear.I can't wait,I've had you guys on replay since the EP came out!" I added slightly blushing,cause of his look.He shoke his head lightly as he smiled."see ya tomorrow?!" i asked."yeah..wait no" he had a confused look.And so did I "eh?" "I'm not in school tomorrow ,sorry.We have a show in Brisbane" well that clears up things."Oh ,well then ,break a leg" I giggled as I stood on the end of the road ,with the sun getting directly in my eyes."Thanks ,do you have facebook?" he changed the subject."no ,I have twitter though."I added and he just stared."Well then ,talk on twitter later.I gotta go" I got a bit closer and hugged him "you'll rock the show!" I added and walked to my house porch.I got in and closed the door with a smile."What's that smile doing on your face?" i heard my mom ask."nothing mom" I said as I walked up the stairs to my room.I took a long shower and changed into my onesies ,and ofc got downstairs.To get some icecreaMMM


"Was it a good day?" she asked automatically."Did I see a boy outside?" She kept asking and I just stared at her as she finished asking q. "It was an okay day mum, i didn't have the last period.And I the first 2,cause I was with the principal's." I let out a small sigh as I spoke."And yes there was a boy outside of your house,the only person that I spoke with today.And we're just friends!" I stuffed my face into my ice cream."Well then, I gotta go! You have lunch in the oven.I have to go.I'll be back round six" She rushed to the doors."bye" i whispered as I heard the doors shut.

I landed on my sofa with my ice cream almost falling.I reached for my phone and called Emily.Rang once,nothing.Rang twice,nothing.Rang the third time, "Hello , JESY" She screamed saying my name."Jesy indeed" I burst laughing."You didn't answer me babe" i could imagine her with puppy eyes."I know,I was in school.I wanted to" I said as I put a big spoon of ice cream in my mouth."We miss you ,it's not easy down here" She complained."Soz babe ,it's same for me." I watched the people down the street walk."Umm ,I almost forgot.You know that band I showed you on youtube ,those four boys?" I said with a big smile."Yeah, 5 something with s ,idk" really b really "5 seconds of summer ,you moron.Anyway ,they go to my school" I freaked a bit."You serious?The blonde guy,the hot australian goes to your school" she sounded as she was gonna faint."Luke,Em Luke!" I said laughing."Since when are you a fan 5 something with s." i raised my eyebrow."I am,and I'm in love with Luke ,from 5sos" She said all sassy."5SOS?How do you know that" I asked her."I listened to you fangirl on that Mikey guy for a while" I heard her loud voice. "Shhh" I added with an O."Well ,talk on Skype this weekend? She asked me "Yeah ,deffo! I wanna see ya all" I continued talking for a few hours ,telling her all the details about everything here really. And I even chatted a little with Michael on twitter ,he's a sassy little shit.But a cute little shit.(logic) 


next few days went sloooow.And I mean slow.I had all the boring classes ,and just spent days on Tumblr. Today was fun though ,I got to use the music room with Even and our professor.And this girl Jade.She's maybe even a friend now.She's amazing, and so talented.Right now ,I asked if we can sing one time ,a cover of We Are Young by Fun.



We Are Young

So Let Set The World On Fire ,

We Can Burn Brighter Than The Sun

(Michael POV)

I was walking down the hall ,just getting my jacket.With Calum.


Give Me A Second I ,

I Need To Get My Story Straight,

My Friends Are In The Bathroom ,Getting Higher Then The Empire State.

My Lover He's Waiting For Me ,Just Across The Bar.

My Seat's Been Taken By Some Sunglasses .Asking Bout A Scar ,And

"The music room" Calum pointed.I took my jacket and got to the doors.Who the fuck.


I Know I Gave It To You Months Ago

I Know You're Trying To Forget

But Between The Drinks And Subtle Things

The Holes In My Apologies ,

I'm Trying Hard To Take It Back

So If By The Time ,The Bar Closes

And You Feel Like Falling Down

I'll Carry You Home 



We Are Young

So Let Set The World On Fire ,

We Can Burn Brighter Than The Sun


"Well girls this is amazing!" Our music professor said.Who is that?


(Jesy POV)


You know when you're really really nervous ,and you have to sing.And when you actually do it you sigh.

This probably the best feeling there is.

"I'm gonna go get some drinks with Even" Jade said as our professor went out."Okay" I said grabbing my water bottle.

"Guess Who" lol "why am I blind....umm,Mike?" I tightened the grip of my water bottle.And turned."How did you guess?" He asked. "Well you're 1/3 school peeps I know,and 2 just walked out of here, soo" I made a gofy awkward face with my eyebrow raised.We laughed both."You're amazing!" He talked with a big smile.I just stared at his eyes."I'd say I'm okay, you're the definition of amazing" i said doing something with my necklace ,just awkward I'd say."Thanks ,but really! You have an amazing voice" He said  convining me."I never compliment people!" I just smiled."Lessons do wonder" I commented."Wanna have maccas" He asked out of the blue. "Erm ,sure.I'm hungry"I said grabbing my phone from the piano."Shall we?" I asked with laughter."Ladies first"He opened the doors,and held back."Such a gentleman" I commented as I ran into Calum. "Hi" I said as I stopped myself of bumping in."Hi" He seemed shy in person, but cute shy."Calum,this is Jesy.Jesy this is Calum" Michael spoke ,trying to stop the awkwardness."Hiya" we both said in the same time.And then Michael started laughing,we just smiled."I'm kinda hungry" He almost yelled.Well ,my ears hurt.














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